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LauncherHSWidget Class Reference

The LauncherHSWidget widget launches applications. More...

    #include <LauncherHSWidget>

Inherits QWidget.

Additional Inherited Members

Detailed Description

The LauncherHSWidget widget launches applications.

The LauncherHSWidget is a homescreen widget that adds application icons to the homescreen so that applications can be launched directly. The LauncherHSWidget is added to the homescreen theme including the widget theme element in the theme XML file, for example:

    <widget name="LauncherHSWidget" rect="0,0,0x30" />

By default LauncherHSWidget will display icons for Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Worldtime applications. This can be modified in <Qtopia Runtime Prefix>/Settings/Trolltech/HomeScreenWidgets.conf file, for example:


LauncherHSWidget will select the first num valid applications from applications.

See also HomeScreenWidgets.

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