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messagemodel.cpp Example File

    ** This file is part of the Qtopia Phone Edition Package.
    ** Copyright (C) 2008 Nokia Corporation and/or its subsidiary(-ies).

    #include "messagemodel.h"
    #include "messagedelegate.h"
    #include <QIcon>
    #include <QMailId>
    #include <QMailMessage>
    #include <QMailMessageKey>
    #include <QMailMessageSortKey>
    #include <QMailStore>
    #include <QPhoneNumber>
    #include <QStandardItem>
    #include <QTimeString>
    #include <QtopiaApplication>

    class MessageItem : public QStandardItem
        explicit MessageItem(const QMailId& id);
        virtual ~MessageItem();

        QMailId messageId() const;

        QMailId id;

    MessageItem::MessageItem(const QMailId& id)
        : QStandardItem(), id(id)
        static QIcon sentMessageIcon(":icon/qtmail/sendmail");
        static QIcon receivedMessageIcon(":icon/qtmail/getmail");
        static QIcon smsIcon(":icon/txt");
        static QIcon mmsIcon(":icon/multimedia");
        static QIcon emailIcon(":icon/email");

        // Load the header for this message
        QMailMessage message(id, QMailMessage::Header);

        // Determine the properties we want to display
        QIcon* messageIcon = &smsIcon;
        if (message.messageType() == QMailMessage::Mms)
            messageIcon = &mmsIcon;
        if (message.messageType() == QMailMessage::Email)
            messageIcon = &emailIcon;

        bool sent(message.status() & QMailMessage::Outgoing);

        QDateTime messageTime(message.date().toLocalTime());

        QString action(qApp->translate("MessageViewer", sent ? "Sent" : "Received"));
        QString date(QTimeString::localMD(messageTime.date()));
        QString time(QTimeString::localHM(messageTime.time(), QTimeString::Short));
        QString sublabel(QString("%1 %2 %3").arg(action).arg(date).arg(time));

        // Configure this item
        setIcon(sent ? sentMessageIcon : receivedMessageIcon);
        setData(sublabel, MessageDelegate::SubLabelRole);
        setData(*messageIcon, MessageDelegate::SecondaryDecorationRole);


    QMailId MessageItem::messageId() const
        return id;

    MessageModel::MessageModel(QObject *parent)
        : QStandardItemModel(parent)


    void MessageModel::setContact(const QContact& contact)

        // Locate messages whose sender is this contact
        QMailMessageKey msgsFrom;

        // Locate messages whose recipients list contains this contact
        QMailMessageKey msgsTo;

        // Match on any of contact's phone numbers
        foreach(const QString& number, contact.phoneNumbers().values()) {
            msgsFrom |= QMailMessageKey(QMailMessageKey::Sender, number);
            msgsTo |= QMailMessageKey(QMailMessageKey::Recipients, number, QMailMessageKey::Contains);

        // Match on any of contact's email addresses
        foreach(const QString& address, contact.emailList()) {
            msgsFrom |= QMailMessageKey(QMailMessageKey::Sender, address);
            msgsTo |= QMailMessageKey(QMailMessageKey::Recipients, address, QMailMessageKey::Contains);

        // Sort messages by timestamp, newest to oldest
        QMailMessageSortKey sort(QMailMessageSortKey::TimeStamp, Qt::DescendingOrder);

        // Fetch the messages matching either of our queries, and return them sorted
        QMailIdList matches(QMailStore::instance()->queryMessages(msgsFrom | msgsTo, sort));

        // Add each returned message to our data model
        foreach (const QMailId& id, matches)
            appendRow(new MessageItem(id));

    QMailId MessageModel::messageId(const QModelIndex& index)
        if (index.isValid())
            if (MessageItem* item = static_cast<MessageItem*>(itemFromIndex(index)))
                return item->messageId();

        return QMailId();

Copyright © 2008 Nokia Trademarks
Qtopia 4.3.3