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The Messages application enables the user to receive emails from multiple mail servers as well as SMS and MMS messages from other mobile phone devices. It also provides the ability to send emails, MMS or SMS messages to multiple people with or without attachments.


Messages provides the following features:

Send emailCompose and send an email.
Send SMS / MMSSend an SMS / MMS to another mobile phone.
Receive emailConnect to a mail server and download emails to the device.
Reply to messagesReply to a message received via a Qtopia device.
View an embedded imageView a message with an image either attached or embedded.
View specific messagesFilter the messages viewed. For example, view only messages in the current month.
Search for a messageSearch the contents of messages and retrieve valid messages.
Multiple mail serversView emails sent to multiple mail servers.

For example view messages sent to both a work email address and a personal email address.

Save attachmentsReceive a message with an attachment save it in their documents for later viewing.


The following account features are available:

AccountsAllows creation of an arbitrary number of mail accounts.
Email ProtocolsThe following email protocols are available:
  • POP: remembers the server mail list so a server copy of emails can be retained
  • SMTP: allows additional SMTP accounts to allow for more than one profile
  • IMAP: allows individual synchronization settings for each mailbox.
Message ProtocolsThe following email protocols are available:
  • SMS
  • EMS
  • MMS
DeleteAllows a delay of server deletion of email until removed locally from trash.


The following folder features are available:

Folderssupports both standard and virtual folders
Queriessupports creaton of an arbitrary number of virtual folders by adding new queries
Searchfacilitates quick searches for email by using the search folder
Mail Accounteach mail account is automatically assigned a virtual folder

Mail List (per folder)

The following mail list features are available:

Mail viewdisplays a short description of each mail consisting of status, address, subject and date.
Mail sortit is possible to select each header file for sorting in either ascending or descending order.
Mail view updatethe view is dynamically updated as folder or mail contents changes.
Transferit is possible to select messages and to copy or move them to another folder.

Virtual Folder Queries and Search

The following virtual folder features are available:

Virtual properties: the same mail logically appears in several folders.

Folder properties: defines the search criteria for mails that appear in a folder.
Search keys: allows case-insensitive pattern matching with support for optional keys in the same field.

Message Properties

The following message properties can be handled:

Datethis is converted to match your current time zone setting
Attachmentsthese are only stored as files when you request it
Usabilitysupport exists for most messages conforming to RFC822 and RFC2045-RFC2049

Viewing mail

The following features are available:

URLclicking on a URL in the mail prompts the application to attempt to open it in the default browser
Addressesused to compose messages but it is also be possible to add an address/phone number to the address book by clicking on it
Formatquoted text is colored to distinguish it from the body text
Inlinetext and image attachments are shown in-line with images being scaled to the screen width
Attachmentsit is possible to install/remove mail attachments from the documents tab
Replyit is possible to reply to or forward the currently viewed message
Statusit is possible to change the status of messages
Plainthe mail is shown in plain mode where the original formatting is kept
Deleteit is possible to delete the currently viewed message

Viewing MMS Messages

The following features are required:

Writing Messages

The following writing-related features are available:

Fieldsit is possible to add SMS /To/Cc/Bcc/From/Subject/body(text) and attach files to the mail
Modifyit is possible to make changes as necessary to mails in the Drafts and Outbox folder
Auto savemodified mails are automatically saved unless they are explicitly discarded
Storedraft mails are stored in the Drafts folder and mails ready to send are stored in the Outbox folder

Writing MMS Messages

The following writing-related features are required:

Fieldsit is possible to specify To/Cc/Bcc/subject. It is possible to request delivery report and read reply.
Composinga standard slide show with SMIL presentation is supported by the MMS composer. One image, text field and audio file are allowed per page of the slide show.
Modifyit is possible to make changes as necessary to mails in the drafts and Outbox folder
Auto savemodified mails are automatically be saved unless they are explicitly discarded.
Storedraft mails are stored in the Drafts folder and mails ready to send are stored in the Outbox folder.

Retrieving messages

The following message retrieval related features are available:

Retrieveit is possible to check for new messages in either all accounts or to specify only one account to be checked
Complete messagesmessages not downloaded are individually completed
Overviewall new/unseen mail-headers are always downloaded (unless excused in IMAP mailbox settings)
Fastthe current download list is sorted by the size of the mail (small goes first)
Logicalviewing a mail or removing it causes it to be respectively pushed to the front or removed from the download list
Resumeit is possible to cancel downloads and resume them later
Safein case of a crash while downloading the client reverts to the state prior to the crash

Retrieving MMS Messages

The user will be notifed of the arrival of an MMS message. The user may then download and view the message immediately, or defer downloading to a later date.

Sending messages

The following message sending- related features are available:

Sendit is possible to send all queued messages in one go.
AuthenticatePOP or IMAP authentication is always attempted.
Fallbacksending is attempted even if authentication fails (for whatever reasons).
Singleit is possible to send a single mail instead of all the mails in the Outbox.
Safein event of failure no mail in the transfer list is marked as sent.
Sent Folderall sent mails are automatically be moved to the Sent folder.
Flexibledefault SMTP account or reply-to field is used where the from address does not match.
Diverseit is possible to send a single message with both SMS and email addresses.


Qtopia Messages has the following dependencies:

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