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Model/View Classes

These classes use the model/view design pattern in which the underlying data (in the model) is kept separate from the way the data is presented and manipulated by the user (in the view). See also Model/View Programming.

QtopiaItemDelegateDisplay and editing facilities for data items from a model
QAbstractItemDelegateUsed to display and edit data items from a model
QAbstractItemModelThe abstract interface for item model classes
QAbstractItemViewThe basic functionality for item view classes
QAbstractListModelAbstract model that can be subclassed to create one-dimensional list models
QAbstractProxyModelBase class for proxy item models that can do sorting, filtering or other data processing tasks
QAbstractTableModelAbstract model that can be subclassed to create table models
QColumnViewModel/view implementation of a column view
QDataWidgetMapperMapping between a section of a data model to widgets
QDirModelData model for the local filesystem
QHeaderViewHeader row or header column for item views
QItemDelegateDisplay and editing facilities for data items from a model
QItemEditorCreatorMakes it possible to create item editor creator bases without subclassing QItemEditorCreatorBase
QItemEditorCreatorBaseAbstract base class that must be subclassed when implementing new item editor creators
QItemEditorFactoryWidgets for editing item data in views and delegates
QItemSelectionManages information about selected items in a model
QItemSelectionModelKeeps track of a view's selected items
QItemSelectionRangeManages information about a range of selected items in a model
QListViewList or icon view onto a model
QListWidgetItem-based list widget
QListWidgetItemItem for use with the QListWidget item view class
QModelIndexUsed to locate data in a data model
QPersistentModelIndexUsed to locate data in a data model
QProxyModelSupport for processing data passed between another model and a view
QSortFilterProxyModelSupport for sorting and filtering data passed between another model and a view
QStandardItemItem for use with the QStandardItemModel class
QStandardItemEditorCreatorThe possibility to register widgets without having to subclass QItemEditorCreatorBase
QStandardItemModelGeneric model for storing custom data
QStringListModelModel that supplies strings to views
QTableViewDefault model/view implementation of a table view
QTableWidgetItem-based table view with a default model
QTableWidgetItemItem for use with the QTableWidget class
QTableWidgetSelectionRangeContainer for storing a selection range in a QTableWidget
QTreeViewDefault model/view implementation of a tree view
QTreeWidgetTree view that uses a predefined tree model
QTreeWidgetItemItem for use with the QTreeWidget convenience class
QTreeWidgetItemIteratorWay to iterate over the items in a QTreeWidget instance

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