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Neo 1973 Performance Test Results


This page contains performance statistics for current and past releases of Qtopia, measured using the Neo-1973. Some data is gathered automatically after each change to Qtopia, while other data is gathered manually.

Device specs

ModelNeo1973(phase 1)
KernelLinux kernel
CPUSamsung s3c2410 (ARM) 266 Mhz
Memory128MB RAM & 64MB Flash
Display480x640 LCD color screen
InputTouch-screen only
FeaturesMicro-SD(TM) card slot, Bluetooth(R), Mini-USB port

Test Results

Linux Boot Time

This is the time between hitting the power button and when Qtopia (qpe) is launched. During this time, the Linux kernel and system services start.

VersionTime (seconds)
Qtopia 4.3.077
Qtopia 4.3.172
Qtopia 4.4TBD

The root filesystem is controlled by the device manufacturer (and/or Open Source community) and as such is not within the scope of the Qtopia product development.

Linux + Qtopia Startup Time

In this context, the "Qtopia startup time" refers to the amount of time taken for a device to reach Qtopia's homescreen from the time the power button is pressed. This time can be further split into "Linux" and "Qtopia" times. The "Linux" startup time heavily depends on the root filesystem of the device, which can be very different between different devices and different configurations on the same device.

VersionTime (seconds)
Qtopia 4.3.0 (change 206444, 25/10/07)107
Qtopia 4.3.1 (change 214297, 22/01/08)98
Qtopia 4.4TBD

Qtopia Startup Time

This measurement is the amount of time between Linux and system services fully loading, and Qtopia fully loading. It is equal to the difference of the previous two figures.

VersionTime (seconds)
Qtopia 4.3.030
Qtopia 4.3.126
Qtopia 4.4TBD

Application Startup

Note: in this context, the "application startup time" refers to the amount of time taken for an application to appear on the screen and respond to user input, after the user requests the application to launch itself.

The below table shows the average warm startup times for each group of applications. Please note that any change of 5% or less could easily be due to variance in the data. Figures are rounded.

Measured Value4.

RAM usage

To be determined.

UI Performance

To be determined.

Binary Sizes

To be determined.

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