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PackageManagerService Class Reference

Provides the Package Manager service. More...

    #include <PackageManagerService>

Inherits QtopiaAbstractService.

Public Slots

Additional Inherited Members

Detailed Description

Provides the Package Manager service.

The Package Manager service enables package installations to be triggered remotely.

A package install can be started by invoking the service message installPackageConfirm(QString) with URL of the descriptor of the package to install. Package manager will then download the descriptor and after gaining the users consent download the package and install it.

See also QtopiaAbstractService.

Member Function Documentation

void PackageManagerService::installPackage ( const QDSActionRequest & request )   [slot]

Initiate the package installation process using the package descriptor embedded within request.

This slot corresponds to the QCop message PackageManager::installPackage(QDSActionRequest).

void PackageManagerService::installPackageConfirm ( const QString & url )   [slot]

Download a package descriptor from the URL url and after obtaining the users consent download and install the package it refers to.

This slot corresponds to the QCop message PackageManager::installPackageConfirm(QString).

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