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Plug-in Classes

These classes deal with shared libraries, (e.g. .so files), and with Qt plug-ins. See the Qt plug-in documentation for details on how to create new plug-in types.

QContentPluginProvide an interface for the Qtopia Document System to discover detailed information about a file
QDrmContentPluginThe primary interface between DRM agents and the Qtopia document system
QModemServicePluginDefines a base class for implementing vendor-specific modem plug-ins
QPluginManagerSimplifies plug-in loading and allows plugins to be enabled/disabled
QSerialIODeviceMultiplexerPluginDefines a base class for implementing multiplexing plugins
QWindowDecorationPluginDefines a base class for implementing window decoration plugins
QtopiaInputMethodDescribes the minimum interface that an input method plug-in must provide
QtopiaNetworkPluginAbstract base class for all network plug-ins
QtopiaPrinterPluginAbstract base for QtopiaPrinterInterface plug-ins
QAccessibleBridgePluginAbstract base for accessibility bridge plugins
QAccessiblePluginAbstract base for accessibility plugins
QDecorationPluginAbstract base class for window decoration plugins in Qtopia Core
QIconEnginePluginAbstract base for custom QIconEngine plugins
QIconEnginePluginV2Abstract base for custom QIconEngineV2 plugins
QImageIOPluginDefines an interface for writing an image format plugin
QInputContextPluginAbstract base for custom QInputContext plugins
QKbdDriverPluginAbstract base class for keyboard driver plugins in Qtopia Core
QLibraryLoads shared libraries at runtime
QMouseDriverPluginAbstract base class for mouse driver plugins in Qtopia Core
QPictureFormatPluginAbstract base for custom picture format plugins
QPluginLoaderLoads a plugin at run-time
QScreenDriverPluginAbstract base class for screen driver plugins in Qtopia Core
QScriptExtensionPluginAbstract base for custom QScript extension plugins
QSqlDriverPluginAbstract base for custom QSqlDriver plugins
QStylePluginAbstract base for custom QStyle plugins
QTextCodecPluginAbstract base for custom QTextCodec plugins

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