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QBluetooth Class Reference

The QBluetooth namespace contains miscellaneous Bluetooth functionality. More...

    #include <QBluetooth>

Public Types

Detailed Description

The QBluetooth namespace contains miscellaneous Bluetooth functionality.

The QBluetooth namespace defines various functions and enums that are used globally by the Bluetooth library.

Member Type Documentation

enum QBluetooth::DeviceMajor

Defines the major class of a Bluetooth device.

QBluetooth::Miscellaneous0Miscellaneous device
QBluetooth::Computer1Computer device
QBluetooth::Phone2Phone device
QBluetooth::LANAccess3Some form of a local area network router
QBluetooth::AudioVideo4Audio / Video device
QBluetooth::Peripheral5Mouse, Joystick, Keyboard
QBluetooth::Imaging6Camera or Scanner device
QBluetooth::Wearable7Wearable Device
QBluetooth::Toy8Toy device
QBluetooth::Uncategorized9Uncategorized device

enum QBluetooth::SDPProfile

Defines possible profiles in use by the system.

QBluetooth::SerialPortProfile0Represents Serial Port profile.
QBluetooth::DialupNetworkingProfile1Represents Dialup Networking profile.
QBluetooth::LanAccessProfile2Represents LAN Access profile.
QBluetooth::FaxProfile3Represents FAX profile.
QBluetooth::ObjectPushProfile4Represents OBEX Object Push profile.
QBluetooth::FileTransferProfile5Represents OBEX File Transfer profile.
QBluetooth::DirectPrintingProfile6Represents the OBEX Simple Printing Profile (SPP), Direct Printing service.
QBluetooth::HeadsetProfile7Represents the Headset profile.
QBluetooth::HandsFreeProfile9Represents the Hands Free profile.
QBluetooth::SimAccessProfile11Represents the SIM Access profile.
QBluetooth::NetworkAccessPointProfile12Represents the PAN NAP profile.
QBluetooth::GroupAdHocNetworkProfile13Represents the PAN GN profile.
QBluetooth::PersonalAreaNetworkUserProfile14Represents the PAN PANU profile.
QBluetooth::HardCopyReplacementProfile15Represents the HCRP profile.
QBluetooth::AdvancedAudioSourceProfile16Represents the A2DP Source profile.
QBluetooth::AdvancedAudioSinkProfile17Represents the A2DP Sink profile.
QBluetooth::AudioVideoRemoteControlProfile18Represents the AVRCP Controller (CT) profile.
QBluetooth::AudioVideoTargetProfile19Represents the AVRCP Target (TG) profile.
QBluetooth::HeadsetAudioGatewayProfile8Represents the HS AG profile.
QBluetooth::HandsFreeAudioGatewayProfile10Represents the HF AG profile.

enum QBluetooth::SecurityOption
flags QBluetooth::SecurityOptions

Defines possible security settings for Bluetooth L2CAP and RFCOMM connections.

QBluetooth::Authenticated0x1The connection is authenticated.
QBluetooth::Encrypted0x2The connection is encrypted.
QBluetooth::Secure0x4The is secure. Generally this means that the connection is authenticated and encrypted. Please note that the meaning of this value is implementation dependent, it is more portable to use the Authenticated and Encrypted options.

The SecurityOptions type is a typedef for QFlags<SecurityOption>. It stores an OR combination of SecurityOption values.

enum QBluetooth::ServiceClass
flags QBluetooth::ServiceClasses

Defines the service classes.

QBluetooth::Positioning0x1Device has Positioning services (Location identification)
QBluetooth::Networking0x2Device has Networking services (LAN, Ad hoc, ...)
QBluetooth::Rendering0x4Device has Rendering services (Printing, Speaker, ...)
QBluetooth::Capturing0x8Device has Capturing services (Scanner, Microphone, ...)
QBluetooth::ObjectTransfer0x10Device has Object Transfer services (Object Push, FTP)
QBluetooth::Audio0x20Device has Audio services (Speaker, Microphone, Headset service, ...)
QBluetooth::Telephony0x40Device has Telephony services (Cordless telephony, Modem, Headset service, ...)
QBluetooth::Information0x80Device has Information services (WEB-server, WAP-server, ...)
QBluetooth::AllServiceClasses0xffffSpecial value that represents all service classes.

The ServiceClasses type is a typedef for QFlags<ServiceClass>. It stores an OR combination of ServiceClass values.

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