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QBootSourceAccessory Class Reference

The QBootSourceAccessory class provides an interface for querying the event which triggered the last boot sequence. More...

    #include <QBootSourceAccessory>

Inherits QHardwareInterface.

Inherited by QBootSourceAccessoryProvider.

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Detailed Description

The QBootSourceAccessory class provides an interface for querying the event which triggered the last boot sequence.

QBootSourceAccessory can be used to query the event which triggered the last boot using bootSource(). For example the following code checks if the device was booted by plugging in the charger:

    QBootSourceAccessory bsa;
    if (bsa.bootSource() == QBootSourceAccessory::Charger) {

Boot source implementations should inherit from QBootSourceAccessoryProvider.

See also QBootSourceAccessoryProvider and QHardwareInterface.

Member Type Documentation

enum QBootSourceAccessory::Source

Defines the events which can trigger a boot sequence

QBootSourceAccessory::Unknown0Boot was triggered by an unknown event
QBootSourceAccessory::PowerKey1Boot was triggered by pressing the power-on key
QBootSourceAccessory::Charger2Boot was triggered by plugging in the battery charger
QBootSourceAccessory::Alarm3Boot was triggered by an RTC alarm
QBootSourceAccessory::Watchdog4Boot was triggered by the expiration of the watchdog timer
QBootSourceAccessory::Software5Boot was triggered by software, e.g. via a software reboot.

Member Function Documentation

QBootSourceAccessory::QBootSourceAccessory ( const QString & id = QString(), QObject * parent = 0, QAbstractIpcInterface::Mode mode = Client )

Construct a new boot source accessory object for the given provider id and attaches it to parent. The object will be created in client mode if mode is Client, or server mode otherwise.

If id is empty, this class will use the default accessory provider that supports the boot source interface. If there is more than one service that supports the boot source interface, the caller should enumerate them with QHardwareManager::providers() and create separate QBootSourceAccessory objects for each.

See also QHardwareManager::providers().

QBootSourceAccessory::~QBootSourceAccessory ()

Destroys the boot source accessory.

QBootSourceAccessory::Source QBootSourceAccessory::bootSource () const

Returns the event which triggered the last boot sequence.

void QBootSourceAccessory::bootSourceModified ()   [signal]

This signal is emitted when bootSource() changes.

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