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QCryptographicHash Class Reference
[QtCore module]

The QCryptographicHash class provides a way to generate cryptographic hashes. More...

 #include <QCryptographicHash>

Note: All the functions in this class are reentrant.

This class was introduced in Qt 4.3.

Public Types

Public Functions

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Detailed Description

The QCryptographicHash class provides a way to generate cryptographic hashes.

QCryptographicHash can be used to generate cryptographic hashes of binary or text data.

Currently Md4, Md5, and Sha1 are supported.

Member Type Documentation

enum QCryptographicHash::Algorithm

QCryptographicHash::Md40Generate an Md4 hash sum
QCryptographicHash::Md51Generate an Md5 hash sum
QCryptographicHash::Sha12Generate an Sha1 hash sum

Member Function Documentation

QCryptographicHash::QCryptographicHash ( Algorithm method )

Constructs an object that can be used to create a cryptographic hash from data using method.

QCryptographicHash::~QCryptographicHash ()

Destroys the object.

void QCryptographicHash::addData ( const char * data, int length )

Adds the first length chars of data to the cryptographic hash.

void QCryptographicHash::addData ( const QByteArray & data )

This is an overloaded member function, provided for convenience.


QByteArray QCryptographicHash::hash ( const QByteArray & data, Algorithm method )   [static]

Returns the hash of data using method.

void QCryptographicHash::reset ()

Resets the object.

QByteArray QCryptographicHash::result () const

Returns the final hash value.

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