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QDeviceIndicators Class Reference

The QDeviceIndicators class allows applications to query, enable and disable indicator lights on a device. More...

    #include <QDeviceIndicators>

Inherits QObject.

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Detailed Description

The QDeviceIndicators class allows applications to query, enable and disable indicator lights on a device.

The QDeviceIndicators class can be used by applications to control visual lights on a device. For example, many devices have an "Email" light that is illuminated whenever there are new messages. The exact names of the available indicators is device specific, and can be queried through the supportedIndicators() and isIndicatorSupported() methods.

QDeviceIndicators acts as a thin convenience wrapper around entries in the Qtopia Value Space. The current status on indicators is located under the /Hardware/IndicatorLights path. For example, the "Email" indicator status could be read and set directly through the /Hardware/IndicatorLights/Email item.

See also QDeviceIndicatorsProvider.

Member Type Documentation

enum QDeviceIndicators::IndicatorState

Represents the state of a device indicator.

QDeviceIndicators::Off0The indicator light is not illuminated.
QDeviceIndicators::On1The indicator light is illuminated.

Member Function Documentation

QDeviceIndicators::QDeviceIndicators ( QObject * parent = 0 )

Create a new QDeviceIndicators instance with the provided parent.

QDeviceIndicators::~QDeviceIndicators ()   [virtual]

Destroys the instance.

IndicatorState QDeviceIndicators::indicatorState ( const QString & name )

Returns the current indicator state for name.

See also setIndicatorState().

void QDeviceIndicators::indicatorStateChanged ( const QString & name, IndicatorState newState )   [signal]

Emitted whenever the indicator name changes state. newState will be set to the new indicator state.

bool QDeviceIndicators::isIndicatorStateSupported ( const QString & name, IndicatorState state )

Returns true if the indicator name supports the given state.

bool QDeviceIndicators::isIndicatorSupported ( const QString & name )

Returns true if the indicator name is supported by the device.

void QDeviceIndicators::setIndicatorState ( const QString & name, IndicatorState state )

Attempts to change the indicator name to the provided state. Setting an indicator is an asynchronous event. If necessary, callers should monitor the indicatorStateChanged() signal to determine when the state change occurs.

See also indicatorState().

QStringList QDeviceIndicators::supportedIndicators () const

Returns the list of all indicators supported by the device.

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