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QDeviceIndicatorsProvider Class Reference

The QDeviceIndicatorsProvider class provides the backend for the QDeviceIndicator API. More...

    #include <QDeviceIndicatorsProvider>

Inherits QObject.

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Detailed Description

The QDeviceIndicatorsProvider class provides the backend for the QDeviceIndicator API.

QDeviceIndicatorsProvider derived types control the status of device indicators. During construction, derived types usually call setSupportedIndicators() to set the indicators they provide. Derived classes must implement the changeIndicatorState() function which performs the actual hardware operation involved.

This class is part of the Qtopia server and a specific implementation should be provided as part of a server task.

See also QDeviceIndicators.

Member Function Documentation

QDeviceIndicatorsProvider::QDeviceIndicatorsProvider ( QObject * parent = 0 )

Create a new QDeviceIndicatorsProvider instance with the specified parent.

void QDeviceIndicatorsProvider::changeIndicatorState ( const QString & indicator, QDeviceIndicators::IndicatorState state )   [pure virtual protected]

Called when the indicator should be set to state. This is usually in response to a QDeviceIndicators::setIndicatorState() call. Subclasses should implement hardware specific operation in this function.

void QDeviceIndicatorsProvider::setIndicatorState ( const QString & indicator, QDeviceIndicators::IndicatorState state )   [protected]

Set the published indicator state to state. This is generally called from within the changeIndicatorState() callback to indicate that the state was successfully changes or at startup to set the initial state, but it can be called at any time.

void QDeviceIndicatorsProvider::setSupportedIndicators ( const QStringList & indicators )   [protected]

Set the indicators that this QDeviceIndicatorsProvider instance will provide. changeIndicatorState() callbacks will only occur for indicators set in this way. The class will call qFatal() if an indicator exists in the indicators list that is already being provided by another QDeviceIndicatorsProvider instance.

The initial state of the indicators is QDeviceIndicators::Off.

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