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QDSServices Class Reference

The QDSServices class provides a filtered list of available Qtopia Data Sharing (QDS) services. More...

    #include <QDSServices>

Inherits QList<QDSServiceInfo>.

Public Functions

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Detailed Description

The QDSServices class provides a filtered list of available Qtopia Data Sharing (QDS) services.

QDSServices can used to search for available QDS services. The search can be filtered on a combination of request data types, response data types, attributes, and Qtopia service names.

For example if you wanted to find a QDS service which could convert a jpeg image into a bitmap image you would do the following:

    QDSServices service( "image/jpeg", "image/bmp" )

    if ( service.count() == 0 )
        qWarning() << "No jpeg to bitmap image conversion service available";

The data types can include a wildcard to match across multiple types, i.e. for a request data type filter of "text*" the search would find services which had a request data type of "text/plain", "text/html", and so on. A null data type is used to identify no request or response data.

Qtopia service names may also use wildcards, e.g. "MyApp*", but attributes do not support wildcards.

See also QDSServiceInfo and Qtopia Data Sharing (QDS).

Member Function Documentation

QDSServices::QDSServices ( const QString & requestDataType = QString( "*" ), const QString & responseDataType = QString( "*" ), const QStringList & attributes = QStringList(), const QString & service = QString( "*" ) )

Finds all QDS services available on the device which have a request data type of requestDataType, have a response data type of responseDataType (both case insensitive), contain all the attributes listed in attributes (case insensitive), and use Qtopia services which match service (case sensitive).

QDSServiceInfo QDSServices::findFirst ( const QString & name )

Finds and returns the first QDS service with name name (case sensitive) in the list. If no such service exists an invalid QDSServiceInfo is returned.

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