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QIrRemoteDeviceWatcher Class Reference

The QIrRemoteDeviceWatcher class watches for remote devices. More...

    #include <QIrRemoteDeviceWatcher>

Inherits QObject.

Public Functions


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Detailed Description

The QIrRemoteDeviceWatcher class watches for remote devices.

QIrRemoteDeviceWatcher can be used to wait for remote infrared devices to come into range, and notify the user. Using this class, a system can alert the user that another infrared device is available for communication.

Member Function Documentation

QIrRemoteDeviceWatcher::QIrRemoteDeviceWatcher ( QObject * parent = 0 )

Constructs a remote device watcher. The parent parameter specifies the object's parent.

QIrRemoteDeviceWatcher::~QIrRemoteDeviceWatcher ()

Destroys the device watcher.

void QIrRemoteDeviceWatcher::deviceFound ()   [signal]

This signal is emitted whenever a new infrared device comes into range.

bool QIrRemoteDeviceWatcher::watch ( int ms, QIr::DeviceClasses classes = QIr::All )

Starts a watch for remote devices. The ms parameter specifies the maximum time to watch, and the classes parameter specifies the filter of the types of devices we're interested in.

NOTE: Due to the underlying system implementation, this function is blocking and will not return until a device has been found or the timeout has elapsed.

The function will return false if the watch could not be started or an error occurred, and true otherwise. In case a new device was found within the specified timeout, the deviceFound() signal will be emitted and this function will return true.

This function is designed to be called repeatedly in a loop. It is designed to be used as a low-power, passive watcher of remote devices, such that a user can be notified when a new device has come into range.

See also deviceFound().

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