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QKeypadLightAccessory Class Reference

The QKeypadLightAccessory class provides access to the keypad light on a phone. More...

    #include <QKeypadLightAccessory>

Inherits QHardwareInterface.

Inherited by QKeypadLightAccessoryProvider.

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Detailed Description

The QKeypadLightAccessory class provides access to the keypad light on a phone.

QKeypadLightAccessory can be used to turn the keypad light on and off using setOn(). For example the following code can be used to turn on the keypad light from within a client application:

    QKeypadLightAccessory light;
    light.setOn( true );

Keypad light implementations should inherit from QKeypadLightAccessoryProvider.

See also QKeypadLightAccessoryProvider and QHardwareInterface.

Member Function Documentation

QKeypadLightAccessory::QKeypadLightAccessory ( const QString & id = QString(), QObject * parent = 0, QAbstractIpcInterface::Mode mode = Client )

Construct a new keypad light accessory object for id and attaches it to parent. The object will be created in client mode if mode is Client, or server mode otherwise.

If id is empty, this class will use the first available accessory provider that supports the keypad light interface. If there is more than one service that supports the keypad light interface, the caller should enumerate them with QHardwareManager::providers() and create separate QKeypadLightAccessory objects for each.

See also QHardwareManager::providers().

QKeypadLightAccessory::~QKeypadLightAccessory ()

Destroys the keypad light accessory object.

bool QKeypadLightAccessory::on () const

Returns true if the keypad light is currently on; otherwise returns false.

See also setOn().

void QKeypadLightAccessory::onModified ()   [signal]

Signal that is emitted when the state of the keypad light changes.

void QKeypadLightAccessory::setOn ( const bool value )   [virtual slot]

Turns the keypad light on if value is true; otherwise it is turned off.

See also on().

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