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QMailFolder Class Reference

The QMailFolder class represents a folder for mail messages on the message store. More...

    #include <QMailFolder>

This class is under development and is subject to change.

Public Functions

Detailed Description

The QMailFolder class represents a folder for mail messages on the message store.

A QMailFolder acts as a named aggregate for QMailMessage's, other QMailFolder's or both, thus forming a tree-like structure in the message store.

See also QMailMessage.

Member Function Documentation

QMailFolder::QMailFolder ( const QMailId & id )

Convienience constructor that creates a root QMailFolder by loading the data from the message store as specified by the QMailId id. If the folder does not exist in the message store, then this object will create an empty and invalid QMailFolder.

QMailFolder::QMailFolder ( const QString & name, const QMailId & parentFolderId = QMailId() )

Creates a root QMailFolder object with name name and parent folder ID parentFolderId. If the parent folder ID is invalid, this folder will be a root folder when added into the message store.

QMailFolder::QMailFolder ( const QMailFolder & other )

Creates a copy of the QMailFolder object other.

QMailFolder::~QMailFolder ()   [virtual]

Destroys the QMailFolder object.

QMailId QMailFolder::id () const

Returns the ID of the QMailFolder object. A QMailFolder with an invalid ID is one which does not yet exist on the message store.

bool QMailFolder::isRoot () const

Returns true if the folder is a root folder or false otherwise. A root folder is one which has not parent.

QString QMailFolder::name () const

Returns the name of the folder.

See also setName().

QMailId QMailFolder::parentId () const

Returns the ID of the parent folder. This folder is a root folder if the parent ID is invalid.

See also setParentId().

void QMailFolder::setName ( const QString & name )

Sets the name of this folder to name.

See also name().

void QMailFolder::setParentId ( const QMailId & id )

Sets the parent folder id to id. Warning: it is the responsibility of the application to make sure that no circular folder refernces are created.

See also parentId().

QMailFolder & QMailFolder::operator= ( const QMailFolder & other )

Assigns the value of the QMailFolder object other to this.

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