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QMediaDecoder Class Reference

The QMediaDecoder class is an abstraction for decoders written for Qtopia's media engine. More...

    #include <QMediaDecoder>

This class is under development and is subject to change.

Inherits QMediaDevice.

Public Functions


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Detailed Description

The QMediaDecoder class is an abstraction for decoders written for Qtopia's media engine.

Member Function Documentation

QMediaDecoder::~QMediaDecoder ()   [virtual]

Destroy the QMediaDecoder object.

bool QMediaDecoder::isMuted ()   [pure virtual]

Return the mute state of the decoder.

quint64 QMediaDecoder::length ()   [pure virtual]

Return the length of the decoded data, to date if total not available.

void QMediaDecoder::lengthChanged ( quint32 ms )   [signal]

Signals the length information of the media has changed to ms milliseconds.

void QMediaDecoder::pause ()   [pure virtual]

Pause decoding data.

void QMediaDecoder::playerStateChanged ( QtopiaMedia::State state )   [signal]

Signals the current state of the QMediaDecoder

See also QtopiaMedia::State.

void QMediaDecoder::positionChanged ( quint32 ms )   [signal]

Signals a change in the current position ms of the media in milliseconds.

bool QMediaDecoder::seek ( qint64 ms )   [pure virtual]

Seek to the absolute position ms from the beginning of the file.

Reimplemented from QIODevice.

void QMediaDecoder::setMuted ( bool mute )   [pure virtual]

Set the mute state of the data, the decoder should continue to process audio data but not produce output, if the volume is muted.

See also isMuted().

void QMediaDecoder::setVolume ( int volume )   [pure virtual]

Adjust the volume of the data, the decoder should not attempt to adjust hardware volume, only amplification of the data produced by the decoder. The volume will be normalized by the system to a value between 0 and 100, the decoder should adjust internally as necessary.

See also volume().

void QMediaDecoder::start ()   [pure virtual]

Start decoding data from the inputPipe

See also QMediaDevice.

void QMediaDecoder::stop ()   [pure virtual]

Stop decoding data to the outputPipe

See also QMediaDevice.

int QMediaDecoder::volume ()   [pure virtual]

Return the current volume level.

See also setVolume().

void QMediaDecoder::volumeChanged ( int volume )   [signal]

Signals the volume of the media has changed.

void QMediaDecoder::volumeMuted ( bool muted )   [signal]

Signals the mute status of the volume has been set to muted.

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