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QMetaMethod Class Reference
[QtCore module]

The QMetaMethod class provides meta-data about a member function. More...

 #include <QMetaMethod>

Public Types

Public Functions

Detailed Description

The QMetaMethod class provides meta-data about a member function.

A QMetaMethod has a methodType(), a signature(), a list of parameterTypes() and parameterNames(), a return typeName(), a tag(), and an access() specifier.

See also QMetaObject, QMetaEnum, QMetaProperty, and Qt's Property System.

Member Type Documentation

enum QMetaMethod::MethodType

QMetaMethod::Method0The function is a plain member function.
QMetaMethod::Signal1The function is a signal.
QMetaMethod::Slot2The function is a slot.

Member Function Documentation

Access QMetaMethod::access () const

Returns the access specification of this method (private, protected, or public).

Signals are always protected, meaning that you can only emit them from the class or from a subclass.

See also methodType().

MethodType QMetaMethod::methodType () const

Returns the type of this method (signal, slot, or method).

See also access().

QList<QByteArray> QMetaMethod::parameterNames () const

Returns a list of parameter names.

See also parameterTypes() and signature().

QList<QByteArray> QMetaMethod::parameterTypes () const

Returns a list of parameter types.

See also parameterNames() and signature().

const char * QMetaMethod::signature () const

Returns the signature of this method (e.g., setValue(double)).

See also parameterTypes() and parameterNames().

const char * QMetaMethod::tag () const

Returns the tag associated with this method.

Tags are special macros recognized by moc that make it possible to add extra information about a method. For the moment, moc doesn't support any special tags.

const char * QMetaMethod::typeName () const

Returns the return type of this method, or an empty string if the return type is void.

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