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Qt 3 Support Members for QObject

The following class members are part of the Qt 3 support layer. They are provided to help you port old code to Qt 4. We advise against using them in new code.

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Protected Functions

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QObject::QObject ( QObject * parent, const char * name )

Creates a new QObject with the given parent and object name.

bool QObject::checkConnectArgs ( const char * signal, const QObject * object, const char * method )   [protected]

Use QMetaObject::checkConnectArgs() instead.

QObject * QObject::child ( const char * objName, const char * inheritsClass = 0, bool recursiveSearch = true ) const

Searches the children and optionally grandchildren of this object, and returns a child that is called objName that inherits inheritsClass. If inheritsClass is 0 (the default), any class matches.

If recursiveSearch is true (the default), child() performs a depth-first search of the object's children.

If there is no such object, this function returns 0. If there are more than one, the first one found is returned.

const char * QObject::className () const

Use metaObject()->className() instead.

void QObject::insertChild ( QObject * object )

Use setParent() instead, i.e., call object->setParent(this).

bool QObject::isA ( const char * className ) const

Compare className with the object's metaObject()->className() instead.

const char * QObject::name () const

Use objectName() instead.

See also setName().

const char * QObject::name ( const char * defaultName ) const

This is an overloaded member function, provided for convenience.

Use objectName() instead.

QByteArray QObject::normalizeSignalSlot ( const char * signalSlot )   [static protected]

Use QMetaObject::normalizedSignature() instead.

void QObject::removeChild ( QObject * object )

Use setParent() instead, i.e., call object->setParent(0).

void QObject::setName ( const char * name )

Use setObjectName() instead.

See also name().

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