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QPixmapWheel Class Reference

The QPixmapWheel class displays a navigatable 3d "wheel" of pixmaps. More...

    #include <QPixmapWheel>

Inherits QWidget.

Public Functions


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Detailed Description

The QPixmapWheel class displays a navigatable 3d "wheel" of pixmaps.

The QPixmapWheel class displays a set of icons and names in a psuedo-3d circular layout. The wheel can be rotated using the arrow keys, which will change the selected (forward-most) icon.

The set of icons to be displayed are specified by the QPixmapWheelData class. This class is separated from QPixmapWheel itself to allow multiple icon sets to be created. The current icon set can be controlled by the setWheel() method. Alternatively, using the moveToWheel() method will change the current icon set in a smooth animated fashion.

Member Function Documentation

QPixmapWheel::QPixmapWheel ( QWidget * parent = 0 )

Construct a new QPixmapWheel with the specified parent.

void QPixmapWheel::itemSelected ( const QString & name )   [signal]

Emitted whenever an item is selected. name will be set to the items name as set by the QPixmapWheelData::appendItem() call.

int QPixmapWheel::maximumVisibleIcons () const

Return the maximum number of icons that will be visible on the screen or -1 if there is no limit. The default is -1.

If the visible wheel contains more than this number of icons, the excess will be hidden at the "invisibility" point at the back of the screen. If -1, the icons will be evenly spaced around the 360 degree span of the wheel. For large numbers this can lead to overlap.

See also setMaximumVisibleIcons().

void QPixmapWheel::moveToCompleted ()   [signal]

Emitted whenever a transition caused by moveToWheel() completes.

void QPixmapWheel::moveToWheel ( const QPixmapWheelData & wheel )

Transition to wheel. The current wheel (if any) will spin out, while the new wheel will spin in.

It is legal to both move to and move from an empty QPixmapWheelData instance.

void QPixmapWheel::setMaximumVisibleIcons ( int maximum )

Set the maximum number of icons that will be visible on the screen, or -1 if there is no limit.

See also maximumVisibleIcons().

void QPixmapWheel::setWheel ( const QPixmapWheelData & wheel )

Change the visible wheel. The change will take place immediately.

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