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QPreferredNetworkOperators Class Reference

The QPreferredNetworkOperators class provides information about preferred network operators. More...

    #include <QPreferredNetworkOperators>

Inherits QCommInterface.

Inherited by QModemPreferredNetworkOperators.

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Detailed Description

The QPreferredNetworkOperators class provides information about preferred network operators.

The preferred operator list is stored on the SIM card and used by the modem to select the operator most preferred by the user.

The currently active network operator can be retrieved and set using the QNetworkRegistration class.

See also QCommInterface.

Member Type Documentation

enum QPreferredNetworkOperators::List

Selected preferred operator list from 3GPP TS 27.007.

QPreferredNetworkOperators::Current0Retrieve the current preferred operator list.
QPreferredNetworkOperators::UserControlled1User-controlled preferred operator list.
QPreferredNetworkOperators::OperatorControlled2Operator-controlled preferred operator list.
QPreferredNetworkOperators::HPLMN3HPLMN selector.

Member Function Documentation

QPreferredNetworkOperators::QPreferredNetworkOperators ( const QString & service = QString::null, QObject * parent = 0, QCommInterface::Mode mode = Client )

Construct a new preferred network operators object for service and attach it to parent. The object will be created in client mode if mode is Client, or server mode otherwise.

If service is empty, this class will use the first available service that supports preferred network operators. If there is more than one service that supports preferred network operators, the caller should enumerate them with QCommServiceManager::supports() and create separate QPreferredNetworkOperators objects for each.

See also QCommServiceManager::supports().

QPreferredNetworkOperators::~QPreferredNetworkOperators ()

Destroy this preferred operator handling object.

void QPreferredNetworkOperators::operatorNames ( const QList<QPreferredNetworkOperators::NameInfo> & names )   [signal]

Signal that is emitted in response to a requestOperatorNames() request. The names parameter will contain the list of all names and numeric identifiers.

See also requestOperatorNames().

void QPreferredNetworkOperators::preferredOperators ( QPreferredNetworkOperators::List list, const QList<QPreferredNetworkOperators::Info> & opers )   [signal]

Signal that is emitted in response to a requestPreferredOperators() request. The list parameter indicates the list that was requested, and opers will contain the list.

If the requested list was QPreferredNetworkOperators::Current in the call to requestPreferredOperators(), then the list parameter to this signal will indicate the actual current list.

It is normally necessary to call resolveNames() to convert opers into a list suitable for display to a user.

See also requestPreferredOperators().

void QPreferredNetworkOperators::requestOperatorNames ()   [virtual slot]

Request the operator name list from the SIM. The service will respond by emitting the operatorNames() signal.

See also operatorNames().

void QPreferredNetworkOperators::requestPreferredOperators ( QPreferredNetworkOperators::List list )   [virtual slot]

Request a specific list of preferred operators from the SIM. The service will respond by emitting the preferredOperators() signal.

If list is QPreferredNetworkOperators::Current, then the current preferred operator list on the SIM will be returned.

See also preferredOperators().

QList<QPreferredNetworkOperators::Info> QPreferredNetworkOperators::resolveNames ( const QList<QPreferredNetworkOperators::Info> & opers, const QList<QPreferredNetworkOperators::NameInfo> & names )   [static]

Resolve numeric identifiers in opers according to names. Any item within opers that has a format of 2 (numeric) will be resolved and the correct name written to the corresponding item in the return list. If a numeric identifier cannot be resolved, then the name field will be set to the string form of the identifier.

See also requestOperatorNames() and requestPreferredOperators().

void QPreferredNetworkOperators::writePreferredOperator ( QPreferredNetworkOperators::List list, const QPreferredNetworkOperators::Info & oper )   [virtual slot]

Write the preferred operator information in oper to list and make list the active preferred operator list. The writePreferredOperatorResult() signal will be emitted once the request completes.

See also writePreferredOperatorResult().

void QPreferredNetworkOperators::writePreferredOperatorResult ( QTelephony::Result result )   [signal]

Signal that is emitted when a writePreferredOperator() request completes, indicating whether the request succeeded or failed according to result.

See also writePreferredOperator().

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