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QSerialSocket Class Reference

The QSerialSocket class provides a serial port abstraction via a TCP socket. More...

    #include <QSerialSocket>

Inherits QSerialIODevice.

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Detailed Description

The QSerialSocket class provides a serial port abstraction via a TCP socket.

This serial port abstraction implements the telnet protocol (RFC 854), to make it easy to debug AT command handlers using a telnet client.

The QSerialSocket class is also used by data calls initiated by QPhoneCall to pass the raw modem data and handshaking signals to client applications.

See also QSerialSocketServer, QSerialIODevice, and QPhoneCall.

Member Function Documentation

QSerialSocket::QSerialSocket ( const QString & host, quint16 port, QObject * parent = 0 )

Construct a serial-over-sockets session object and attach it to parent. The session will connect to port on host.

QSerialSocket::~QSerialSocket ()

Destroy this socket-based serial port abstraction.

void QSerialSocket::close ()   [virtual]

Closes this serial I/O device. The socket will remain connected until this object is destroyed.

Reimplemented from QIODevice.

void QSerialSocket::closed ()   [signal]

Signal that is emitted when the socket is closed by the other end of the connection.

bool QSerialSocket::open ( OpenMode mode )

Opens this serial I/O device in mode. This just sets the device to open. The actual connect is done during the constructor. Returns true if the device can be opened; false otherwise.

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