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QSignalIntercepter Class Reference

The QSignalIntercepter class provides an interface for intercepting signals as meta-calls More...

    #include <QSignalIntercepter>

Inherits QObject.

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Detailed Description

The QSignalIntercepter class provides an interface for intercepting signals as meta-calls

IPC mechanisms need to intercept signals and convert them into protocol messages, but it is generally impractical to create a slot for every signal that needs to be dispatched. The QSignalIntercepter class allows signals to be intercepted as meta-calls so that IPC dispatching can be implemented in a generic fashion.

The activated() method is called whenever the signal is emitted, with the arguments in a typed list.

See also QSlotInvoker.

Member Function Documentation

QSignalIntercepter::QSignalIntercepter ( QObject * sender, const QByteArray & signal, QObject * parent = 0 )

Create a new signal intercepter which traps signal on sender. The object will be attached to parent, if present.

QSignalIntercepter::~QSignalIntercepter ()

Destroy a signal intercepter.

void QSignalIntercepter::activated ( const QList<QVariant> & args )   [pure virtual protected]

Called when the signal that is being intercepted is activated. The arguments to the signal are passed in the list args.

int * QSignalIntercepter::connectionTypes ( const QByteArray & member, int & nargs )   [static]

Returns the connection types associated with a signal or slot member specification. The array of types is returned from this function, and the number of arguments is returned in nargs. Returns null if member is invalid. The return value must be freed with qFree().

bool QSignalIntercepter::isValid () const

Returns true if this signal intercepter is valid; that is, there was a signal present with the specified parameters when this object was constructed.

QObject * QSignalIntercepter::sender () const

Returns the sender that this signal interceptor is attached to.

QByteArray QSignalIntercepter::signal () const

Returns the name of the signal that this signal interceptor is attached to.

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