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QSqlDriverPlugin Class Reference
[QtSql module]

The QSqlDriverPlugin class provides an abstract base for custom QSqlDriver plugins. More...

 #include <QSqlDriverPlugin>

Inherits QObject.

Public Functions

Additional Inherited Members

Detailed Description

The QSqlDriverPlugin class provides an abstract base for custom QSqlDriver plugins.

The SQL driver plugin is a simple plugin interface that makes it easy to create your own SQL driver plugins that can be loaded dynamically by Qt.

Writing a SQL plugin is achieved by subclassing this base class, reimplementing the pure virtual functions keys() and create(), and exporting the class with the Q_EXPORT_PLUGIN2() macro. See the SQL plugins that come with Qt for example implementations (in the plugins/src/sqldrivers subdirectory of the source distribution).

See also How to Create Qt Plugins.

Member Function Documentation

QSqlDriverPlugin::QSqlDriverPlugin ( QObject * parent = 0 )

Constructs a SQL driver plugin and sets the parent to parent. This is invoked automatically by the Q_EXPORT_PLUGIN2() macro.

QSqlDriverPlugin::~QSqlDriverPlugin ()

Destroys the SQL driver plugin.

You never have to call this explicitly. Qt destroys a plugin automatically when it is no longer used.

QSqlDriver * QSqlDriverPlugin::create ( const QString & key )   [pure virtual]

Creates and returns a QSqlDriver object for the driver called key. The driver key is usually the class name of the required driver. Keys are case sensitive.

See also keys().

QStringList QSqlDriverPlugin::keys () const   [pure virtual]

Returns the list of drivers (keys) this plugin supports.

These keys are usually the class names of the custom drivers that are implemented in the plugin.

See also create().

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