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QTimeZoneSelector Class Reference

The QTimeZoneSelector class provides a widget for selecting a time zone. More...

    #include <QTimeZoneSelector>

Inherits QWidget.


Public Functions


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Detailed Description

The QTimeZoneSelector class provides a widget for selecting a time zone.

QTimeZoneSelector presents a list of common city names, corresponding to time zones, for the user to choose from. A "More..." option allows the user to access all time zones via a world map.

The cities included in the initial list are determined by the configuration file WorldTime.conf. This file has the following format:


where each Area/Location is a zoneinfo identifier. For example:


The selector list also includes the current time zone, regardless of whether or not that time zone is represented by a city in the configuration file.

See also QTimeZone.

Property Documentation

allowNoZone : bool

This property holds true if no timezone is included as an option; false otherwise.

Access functions:

currentZone : QString

This property holds the currently selected timezone.

Access functions:

Member Function Documentation

QTimeZoneSelector::QTimeZoneSelector ( QWidget * p = 0 )

Creates a new QTimeZoneSelector with parent p. The selector will be populated with the appropriate timezones (see Detailed Description for an explanation of which zones will be included).

QTimeZoneSelector::~QTimeZoneSelector ()

Destroys the QTimeZoneSelector.

void QTimeZoneSelector::zoneChanged ( const QString & id )   [signal]

This signal is emitted whenever the time zone is changed. The id is a QString in Area/Location format, for example,


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