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Qtopia Components


This document describes the various Qtopia components in more detail and shows their availability in Qtopia source packages.

Source Code Availability Matrix

In the following table:

applicationscontactsThe Contacts application allows the user to create contacts for storing information such as name, phone numbers, addresses and other personal information.YesNoYes
''bluetoothThe Bluetooth FTP Client application allows files to be transferred to other bluetooth-enabled devices.YesYesYes
''calculatorThe Calculator application provides the ability to perform fast and simple numerical calculations useful to everyday situations.YesNoYes
''cameraThe Camera application allows the user to take photos using an integrated camera. In addition to this the user is able to quickly view recent photos, browse all photos, edit photos, take photos for contacts, send photos, and adjust camera settings.YesNoYes
''clockThe Clock application provides three functions: - Displaying the current date and time. - Providing a stopwatch. - Allowing a daily alarm to be set and enabled/disabled.YesNoYes
''calendarThe Calendar application allows a user to plan their schedule. This includes the scheduling of timed events such as meetings, day events such as birthdays, and multi-day events such as workshops. The application also provides the facility to set alarms for events and to specify a pattern of repetition for events. The default view shows the current day in one hour intervals.YesNoYes
''helpbrowserThe Help Browser application displays help pages. The user is able to browse through system help pages or application specific help pages. The user is able to view help pages in rich text and navigate using hyperlinks. The user is able to jump backwards and forwards through the browser page history.YesYesYes
''mediaplayerIn addition to being a stand alone player the Qtopia Media Player acts as a media server and plays all sounds.YesNoYes
''voice notesThe Voice Notes application allows the user to create and replay voice recordings on devices with an integrated microphone.YesNoYes
''picturesThe Pictures application allows the user to manage an image collection. A variety of image file formats are supported and the user is able to browse through their collection, view slide shows, view images close-up, adjust orientation, adjust brightness, and perform cropping. Once an image has been edited the user has the option of saving the new image by either creating a new image or overwriting the old image.YesNoYes
''messagesThe Messages application allows the user to send and receive messages. Email addresses and URLs in mail messages are displayed in blue and underlined and selecting an email address provides an option to either compose a message or adding the address to your Contacts.YesNoYes
''system infoThe System Info application displays system information about the device such as how much space is left and the software version.YesNoYes
''notesThe Notes applications allow the user to edit short pieces of text that can then be attached to emails. The application can be used to add, edit and delete notes.YesNoYes
''tasksThe Tasks application is used to create and maintain a list of prioritized tasks. Tasks can be added, edited, deleted, viewed and beamed. Completed tasks are indicated by a check mark in the display.YesNoYes
gamesfifteenGame objective: Slide the pieces around until they're in order from left to right, top to bottom.YesNoYes
''minesweepGame objective: quickly mark all the squares that do not contain mines.YesNoYes
''qasteroidsGame objective: destroy oncoming asteroids while avoiding collisions.YesNoYes
''snakeGame objective: make the snake grow longer by eating mice.YesNoYes
librarieshandwritingLibrary to support stroke recognition and the Handwriting settings application.YesYesYes
''qtopiaMain Qtopia library providing many of the basic building blocks for Qtopia applications.YesYesYes
''qtopiaaudioLibrary to support a variety of audio and streaming formats.YesYesYes
''qtopiabaseBasic support classes that depend only on Qt.YesYesYes
''qtopiacommLibrary to support communications, including Internet, Bluetooth, OBEX, Infrared, and serialYesYesYes
''qtopiacomm/bluetoothLibrary to provide Qtopia support for the Bluetooth wireless communication protocol.YesYesYes
''qtopiacomm/irLibrary to provide Qtopia support for the Infrared communications.YesYesYes
''qtopiacomm/networkLibrary to provide Qtopia support for a variety of IP-based communications protocols.YesYesYes
''qtopiacomm/obexLibrary to provide Qtopia support for the OBEX communication protocol.YesYesYes
''qtopiacomm/serialLibrary to support telephone features such as split serial port, AT chat handling and multiplexing.YesYesYes
''qtopiacomm/vpnLibrary to provide Qtopia support for communication over Virtual Private Networks.YesYesYes
''qtopiacore/corelibLibrary providing Qtopia Core's core non-GUI classes.YesYesYes
''qtopiacore/guiLibrary providing Qtopia Core's GUI framework classes.YesYesYes
''qtopiacore/networkLibrary providing Qtopia Core's networking classes.YesYesYes
''qtopiacore/openglLibrary providing Qtopia Core's OpenGL support classes.YesYesYes
''qtopiacore/scriptLibrary providing Qt Script support.YesYesYes
''qtopiacore/sqlLibrary providing Qtopia Core's Structured Query Language interface classes.YesYesYes
''qtopiacore/svgLibrary providing support for the Scalable Vector Graphics image format.YesYesYes
''qtopiacore/tools/mocThe Qt Meta-Object Compiler, required to compile all code using Qtopia Core's C++ extensions (such as the Signals and Slots paradigm).YesYesYes
''qtopiacore/tools/rccTool used to embed resources into a Qt/Qtopia application during the build process.YesYesYes
''qtopiacore/tools/uicQtopia Core's User Interface Compiler - a tool that reads an XML format user interface definition (.ui) file as generated by Qt Designer and creates a corresponding C++ header file.YesYesYes
''qtopiacore/xmlLibrary providing Qtopia Core's XML handling classes.YesYesYes
''qtopiamailLibrary to support e-mail functionality using POP3, IMAP4 and SMTP protocols.YesNoYes
''qtopiamediaLibrary to support the integration of the Helix DNA multimedia codec library.YesNoYes
''qtopiaphoneLibrary to support all Qtopia phone-specific functionality.YesYesYes
''qtopiaphonemodemLibrary to support GSM-specific phone functionality.YesYesYes
''qtopiapimLibrary to support Personal Information Management (PIM) functionality.YesYesYes
''qtopiaprintingLibrary to support remote printing from within Qtopia.YesYesYes
''qtopiasecurityLibrary to support Qtopia Safe Execution Environment (SXE).YesYesYes
''qtopiasmilLibrary to support viewing of SMIL presentations contained in MMS messages.YesYesYes
pluginsaudiohardware/desktopProvide simulated audio routing functionality in desktop Qtopia builds.YesNoYes
''codecs/wavplayCruxus codec that provides WAV support.YesNoYes
''codecs/wavrecordSimple .wav file encoder.YesYesYes
''composers/emailComposer module for creating email messagesYesNoYes
''composers/genericComposer module for creating SMS and similar textual messagesYesNoYes
''composers/mmsComposer module for creating MMS messagesYesNoYes
''content/exifReading EXIF tags from content files.YesNoYes
''content/id3Reading ID3 tags from media files.YesNoYes
''content/threegppReads User Data Box information for conforming 3gpp files and discerns between video/3gpp and audio/3gpp.YesNoYes
''drmagent/bscidrmagentA DRM plugin (used by the content subsystem) supporting the Beep Science DRM Agent.YesYesYes
''inputmethods/dockedkeyboardOn-screen keyboard that docks below the Qtopia context bar.YesYesYes
''inputmethods/keyboardFloating on-screen keyboard.YesYesYes
''inputmethods/pinyinSimple, keypad-based Chinese input method example.YesYesYes
''inputmethods/predictivekeyboardFloating on-screen keyboard.YesYesYes
''mediaengines/cruxusSimple, stand-alone mediaengine plugin.YesNoYes
''mediaengines/gstreamerMediaengine plugin that wraps the GStreamer media library.YesNoYes
''mediaengines/helixMediaengine plugins that wraps the Real Networks Helix media library.YesNoYes
''multiplexers/wavecomWavecom multiplexer plug-in.YesYesYes
''network/bluetoothNetworking with remote bluetooth devices.YesYesYes
''network/dialingDialing plug-in.YesYesYes
''network/lanLocal Area Network plug-in.YesYesYes
''phonevendors/ericssonEricsson support plug-in.YesYesYes
''phonevendors/wavecomWavecom support plug-in.YesYesYes
''qtopiacoreStub project for building the Qtopia Core plugins that are used by Qtopia.YesYesYes
''qtopiacore/iconengines/qtopiaiconengineQtopia Core icon engine plugin supporting icons in pixmap format.YesYesYes
''qtopiacore/iconengines/qtopiapiciconengineQtopia Core icon engine plugin supporting icons in QPicture format.YesYesYes
''qtopiacore/iconengines/qtopiasvgiconengineQtopia Core icon engine plugin supporting icons in Scalable Vector Graphics format.YesYesYes
''qtopiacore/imageformats/picturePlugin providing support for reading of images in QPicture format.YesYesYes
''qtopiaprinting/bluetoothSupport for communicating with remote Bluetooth printers.YesYesYes
''viewers/genericViewer module for displaying static content, such as Email, SMS and MMS messages.YesNoYes
''viewers/smilViewer module for displaying SMIL multimedia content.YesNoYes
settingsappearanceAllows the user to select a color scheme, theme, font and background image.YesYesYes
''beamingBeaming settings dialog.YesYesYes
''btsettingsBluetooth settings.YesYesYes
''callforwardingSettings for call forwarding.YesYesYes
''drmbrowserBrowse DRM rights for protected content files.YesYesYes
''handwritingSettings for handwriting recognition.YesYesYes
''homescreenHomescreen settings dialog.YesYesYes
''languageLanguage settings.YesYesYes
''light-and-powerLight and Power settings dialog.YesYesYes
''loggingConfigure and view system logging output.YesYesYes
''networkNetwork configuration utility.YesYesYes
''packagemanagerSettings to ensure safe download and installation of programs for Qtopia.YesYesYes
''phonenetworksPhone Network selection.YesYesYes
''phonesettingsTelephony settings dialog.YesYesYes
''ringprofileRing profile settings.YesYesYes
''securityManage PINs and/or passcodes for controlling access to device.YesYesYes
''serverwidgetsChange server widgets between standard Qtopia widgets and several demo widget sets.YesYesYes
''speeddialSpeed dial settings dialog.YesYesYes
''systemtimeDate/time setting dialog.YesYesYes
''wordsManage word lists used by the Phone Key Input Method for predictive input.YesNoYes
''worldtimeTime zone manager.YesYesYes
toolsatinterfaceModem emulator implementation.YesYesYes
''content_installerInstalls content data from .desktop files into the prefix SQL database. Runs at "make install" time.YesYesYes
''dbmigratePlug-in that can be used to ensure a SQL database schema is up to date. Loaded by the server at startup to verify the system databases, and when removeable media is inserted.YesYesYes
''dbmigrateserviceProvides a QDS and command line interface for invoking the dbmigrate plug-in to verify and upgrade databases.YesYesYes
''device_updaterTools for updating Qtopia system components.YesYesYes
''device_updater/pluginTools for updating Qtopia system components.YesYesYes
''mediaserverQtopia Media Server: services requests made via the Qtopia Media API to play multimedia content.YesNoYes
''phonebounceTool allowing a Qtopia device to emulate a GSM modem.YesYesYes
''phonesimPhone simulator for modem testing, compiled to run on host architecture.YesYesYes
''phonesim/libCore parts of the Phone simulator.YesYesYes
''phonesim_targetPhone simulator for modem testing, compiled to run on target architecture.YesYesYes
''pngscalePNG resizing utilityYesYesYes
''printserverPrint server manages print jobs and dispatches print jobs to printer plugins.YesYesYes
''qcopCommand-line interface to QCop channels and messages.YesYesYes
''qdawggenGenerate a .qdawg file from a plaintext file. Used at "make install" time.YesYesYes
''qdsync/appSynchronization application stub.YesYesYes
''qdsync/baseSynchronization communication plugin.YesYesYes
''qdsync/commonCommon functionality for Synchronization plugins.YesYesYes
''qdsync/pimSynchronization PIM plugin.YesYesYes
''qssQtopia Core Sound ServerYesYesYes
''qtopia-dbus-launcherUtility for launching DBUS service.YesYesYes
''quicklauncherRun in the background by the Qtopia Server to speed up launching of the next application by performing startup tasks common to all Qtopia applications. The quicklauncher causes runtime linking to occur and constructs a QtopiaApplication object so that when an application is launched it can be visible to the user sooner.YesYesYes
''rlimiterTool for applying resource limits to sandboxed executables.YesYesYes
''startupflagsTool allowing the user to control certain aspects of Qtopia startup behaviour.YesYesYes
''svgtopictureUtility to convert SVG files into PIC format.YesYesYes
''sxe_installerInstalls applications or projects so that they are bound by SXE policy, only used to generate safe execution images in conjuntion with make installYesYesYes
''sxe_policy_runnerBinary to do a "run-parts" on the sxe_qtopia scripts directoryYesYesYes
''sxemonitorResponds to security policy breachesYesYesYes
''sysmessagesDispatches system related messagesYesYesYes
''vsexplorerA development helper tool to explore the Qtopia Value Space.YesYesYes
3rdpartyapplications/dbusUtility for creating qtopia-dbus-daemon script. Used at "make install" time.YesYesYes
''applications/micro_httpdTiny http server, used by the device_updater tool. License information.YesYesYes
''applications/sqliteCommand line tool for viewing and editing SQLite databases on development platform. License information.YesYesYes
''applications/target_sqliteCommand line tool for viewing and editing SQLite databases on target device. License information.YesYesYes
''libraries/alsaStub library used to link against the system/toolchain ALSA library.YesYesYes
''libraries/cryptStub library used to link to the system/toolchain crypt library.YesYesYes
''libraries/dbusStub library used to link against the system/toolchain DBUS library. License information.YesYesYes
''libraries/dlmallocThird-party malloc library. License information.YesYesYes
''libraries/drmagentStub library used to link against the system/toolchain DRM Agent library. License information.YesYesYes
''libraries/g711u-law, A-law and linear PCM conversions. License information.YesYesYes
''libraries/gsmThird-party library for the GSM audio codec. License information.YesYesYes
''libraries/gstreamerStub library used to link against the system/toolchain GStreamer library. License information.YesNoYes
''libraries/helixReal Networks Helix DNA media library. Must be obtained separately from Qtopia source packages. License information.YesNoYes
''libraries/inputmatchLibrary to support handwriting recognition by turning strokes into character guesses. License information.YesYesYes
''libraries/libtimidityLibrary for playing MIDI files. License information.YesNoYes
''libraries/md5MD5 wrapper providing a single MD5 hashing function. License information.YesYesYes
''libraries/openobexOpenOBEX - Free implementation of the Object Exchange protocol. License information.YesYesYes
''libraries/pthreadStub library used to link against the system/toolchain pthread library.YesYesYes
''libraries/qtdbusQt DBUS library built outside Qt so that we can access the symbols from Qtopia.YesYesYes
''libraries/sqliteLibrary supporting SQLite databases. Uses source code from Qt, but built by Qtopia so that we can access the symbols. License information.YesYesYes
''libraries/tarLibrary supporting creation and extraction of .tar archive files. License information.YesYesYes
''libraries/tremorLibrary for playing OGG Vorbis files. License information.YesNoYes
''libraries/vobjectThird-party VCARD support classes. License information.YesYesYes
''libraries/zlibStub library used to link against the system/toolchain zlib library. License information.YesYesYes
''plugins/codecs/libtimidityCruxus codec that provides MIDI support (uses libtimidity). License information.YesNoYes
''plugins/codecs/tremorCruxus codec that provides OGG Vorbis support (uses tremor). License information.YesNoYes
''plugins/inputmethods/pkimPhone Keys Input Method - Primary Input method plug-in which handles predictive or multi-tap keypress and full-screen handwriting recognition. License information.YesYesYes
''tools/atdLight-weight AT daemon. License information.YesYesYes
desktop toolsQtopia Sync AgentDesktop tool allowing synchronisation between Qtopia and Microsoft Outlook.YesYesYes
devicesc3200Device configuration profile providing support for Zaurus C3200 using angstrom dist.YesYesYes
''exampleExample device configuration. TO change from using the Greenphone's tool chain edit the TOOLCHAIN value in the environment file in this directory. See also http://doc.trolltech.com/qtopia/tut-deviceexample.htmlYesYesYes
''ficgta01Support for s3c2410 based fic gta01 devices, including the Neo1973 (Openmoko).YesYesYes
''greenphoneDevice configuration profile for the Trolltech Greenphone.YesYesYes
''gcc411Example device configuration profile using GCC 4.1.1.YesYesYes
''i686fbDevice configuration profile for i686 devices. This profile supports running Qtopia within a VMware Player instance.YesYesYes
''min_voipExample device configuration profile for a minimal VoIP implementation of Qtopia, see also the provided README.pdf.YesYesYes
''omap730Support for OMAP730 devices.YesYesYes
''n800Device configuration profile providing support for the n800 device.YesYesYes
''nokia770Device configuration profile providing support for the nokia770 device.YesYesYes
''zaurusclamshellDevice configuration profile providing support for Zaurus ClamshellYesYesYes
''zylonite_eabiDevice configuration profile for the Marvell Zylonite reference board.YesYesYes
''defaultThis is a container for default files.YesYesYes

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