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DesktopSettings Class Reference

The DesktopSettings class maintains settings. More...

    #include <DesktopSettings>

Inherits QSettings.

Public Functions

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Detailed Description

The DesktopSettings class maintains settings.

The DesktopSettings class has a number of global options. It is also used as a replacement for QSettings, providing various helper functions.

DesktopSettings will cause settings to be located in Trolltech/Qtopia Sync Agent/... On Windows, this can be found in the registry: HKCU\Software\Trolltech\Qtopia Sync Agent\... On Mac OS X, this can be found in $HOME/Library/Preferences/Qtopia Sync Agent.plist On Unix, this can be found in $HOME/.config/Trolltech/Qtopia Sync Agent/...

Member Function Documentation

DesktopSettings::DesktopSettings ( const QString & section = QString() )

Create a DesktopSettings instance. If the section is specified, settings will be stored there.

DesktopSettings::~DesktopSettings ()   [virtual]


QString DesktopSettings::currentPlugin ()   [static]

Return the current plugin. Note that this may not be accurate when using multi-window mode.

bool DesktopSettings::debugMode ()   [static]

Return the debugMode global option.

QString DesktopSettings::defaultPlugin ()   [static]

Return the default plugin.

QString DesktopSettings::deviceId ()   [static]

Returns a unique string for this device.

QString DesktopSettings::homePath ()   [static]

Return the location that Qtopia Sync Agent can write files to. This function exists because the location varies for different platforms.

QString DesktopSettings::installedDir ()   [static]

Return the location that Qtopia Sync Agent has been installed to.

QStringList DesktopSettings::languages ()   [static]

Return a bunch of related languages. For example: en_US, en.

void DesktopSettings::loadTranslations ( const QString & file, QObject * parent )   [static]

Load translations from file. The translations will be unloaded when parent is destroyed.

bool DesktopSettings::promptOnQuit ()   [static]

Return the promptOnQuit global option.

QString DesktopSettings::systemLanguage ()   [static]

Return the system language (or a derivitave that exists, falling back to english)

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