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QDPlugin Class Reference

The QDPlugin class represents a Qtopia Sync Agent plugin. More...

    #include <QDPlugin>

Inherits QObject.

Inherited by QDAppPlugin, QDClientSyncPluginFactory, QDConPlugin, QDDevPlugin, QDLinkPlugin, and QDSyncPlugin.

Public Functions

Additional Inherited Members

Detailed Description

The QDPlugin class represents a Qtopia Sync Agent plugin.

All Qtopia Sync Agent plugins inherit from QDPlugin but the class itself is abstract.

When creating a plugin you can use the QD_CONSTRUCT_PLUGIN macro to simplify the construction boilerplate that must be created.

See also <qdplugindefs.h>.

Member Function Documentation

QDPlugin::QDPlugin ( QObject * parent = 0 )

Construct a QDPlugin with parent as the owning QObject.

QDPlugin::~QDPlugin ()   [virtual]


CenterInterface * QDPlugin::centerInterface ()

Return the CenterInterface associated with this plugin.

QString QDPlugin::displayName ()   [pure virtual]

Returns the name the user will see when referring to this plugin.

QString QDPlugin::id ()   [pure virtual]

Returns a unique value so that every plugin can be identified. It is recommended to use a reverse-DNS style name here. For example, com.trolltech.plugin.app.test

void QDPlugin::init ()   [virtual]

This function can be used by plugins to do initialization. It is called after all plugins have been loaded so it is safe to request another plugin by it's id.

Note that this function will not be called if your plugin is not enabled. You should ensure that your destructor will not fail as a result of skipping this method.

void QDPlugin::lock ( QDPlugin * plugin )

Lock the plugin using plugin as the key. A plugin can use locked() to see if it has been locked.

This function is designed so that one plugin can inform another plugin that it is being used.

For example, a device plugin is locked when a data transfer is occurring so that it does not disconnect.

bool QDPlugin::locked () const

Return true if anyone has locked this plugin.

void QDPlugin::unlock ( QDPlugin * plugin )

Remove the lock set by plugin.

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