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This command contains 2 arguments. The first argument is Qtopia. The second argument contains a list of key/value pairs separated by ; and preceded by the version number.

    220 Qtopia 4.3.0;challenge={96020319-e076-954f-bf78-25b615c682c5};loginname=root;displayname=Device owner;protocol=2;system=Qtopia;model=Greenphone;hexversion=0x040300


This command is sent from the device to the desktop when the connection is detected. For some connection types this will only be after the HELPER_INIT command is received.

Qtopia Sync Agent expects the following key/value pairs to be sent:

Additionally, the qtopia4 plugin expects to see:

After this command is sent the device expects to receive a USER command.

See also qdsync Protocol and USER.

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