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qdsync Protocol


This page describes how the qdsync protocol works. Individual commands are documented below.

The qdsync protocol is a line-oriented protocol that can be implemented on top of a socket. It consists of a number of required commands and some optional commands.

State Machine

While there is no formal state machine there is an expected order of message arrival. The basic process looks like this.

qdsync protocol diagram

Additionally, once the desktop has sent the HELPER_INIT message the device expects to receive a message of some kind within the specified duration period. The HELPER_PING and HELPER_ACK commands exist for this purpose. The HELPER_QUIT command is used by the device to indicate failure to send a command in the specified time.


200200 Command okay
211211 Have a nice day!
220220 Qtopia 4.3.0;key=value;key=value
230230 User logged in, proceed
331331 User name ok, need password
500500 Syntax error, command unrecognized
502502 Command not implemented
530530 Please login with USER and PASS
599599 ChannelNotRegistered QPE/Channel
CALLCALL QPE/System execute(QString) addressbook
CALLBCALLB QPE/System execute(QString) BASE64DATA
PASSPASS password
USERUSER username

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