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Add a new device plugin

To add support for a new application on the device you need to create a client sync plugin. You will need to create an instance of the Qtopia4SyncPlugin class and export it. It may be useful to examine the skeleton example found in examples/sync_plugin. For a working example you can examine the Qtopia PIM project at src/tools/qdsync/pim.

You need to export one plugin for each dataset. If you are planning on supporting multiple datasets you may want to have a common class that inherits Qtopia4SyncPlugin and implements the common tasks. This is the approach taken by the Qtopia PIM project. You will also want to export a Qtopia4SyncPluginFactory so that you do not need separate projects for each plugin.

The datasets supported by the reference implementation are documented in Datasets. If you intend to support a new dataset you should read Add a new dataset.

See also Integration Tasks.

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