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Bluetooth Server Tasks

The following act as server tasks in the Qtopia server and/or directly support Qtopia's Bluetooth functionality.

BluetoothPasskeyAgentTaskDefault passkey agent for performing Bluetooth passkey authentications
BluetoothServiceManagerControls Qtopia's Bluetooth services
BtDialupServiceTaskServer side support for the Bluetooth DUN profile
BtFtpServiceTaskServer side support for the Bluetooth FTP profile
BtHandsfreeServiceTaskImplementation of the Bluetooth Handsfree Service
BtHeadsetServiceTaskThe Bluetooth Headset Service
BtPowerServiceTaskThe BtPowerService
QBluetoothHandsfreeAudioGatewayServerImplements the Bluetooth handsfree service Audio Gateway interface
QBluetoothHandsfreeServiceImplements Bluetooth Handsfree Audio Gateway profile
QBluetoothHeadsetAudioGatewayServerImplements the Bluetooth headset service Audio Gateway interface
QBluetoothHeadsetServiceImplements Bluetooth Headset Audio Gateway profile
QBluetoothSerialPortServiceBluetooth service implementation for the Bluetooth Serial Port Profile

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