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Server Tasks

The following act as server tasks in the Qtopia server.

APMBatteryQPowerSource mapping to the Linux APM interface
AlertServiceTaskWAV file implementation of the Alert service
ApplicationLauncherResponsible for fundamental application management and IPC routing within Qtopia
ApplicationShutdownTaskWay of terminating all running Qtopia applications before the Qtopia server itself terminates
BuiltinApplicationLauncherSupports launching simple applications that run inside the Qtopia Server process
CameraMonitorUpdates the camera feature
CellModemManagerSimplifies the initialization and monitoring of a cellular phone modem
ConsoleApplicationLauncherSupports launching console applications
ContentServerTaskManages the Documents API's document scanning functionality
DefaultBatteryProxy for another system battery
DefaultSignalProxy for another system signal
DeviceButtonTaskPerforms configurable actions when special purpose buttons are pressed or held
DialerControlConvenient interface to the phone call manager
DocumentServerTaskManages the lifetime of the Qtopia Document Server
EnvironmentSetupTaskInitializes the basic system environment required by Qtopia
ExeApplicationLauncherSimplifies implementing ApplicationTypeLauncher for process based applications
ExternalAccessStarts the modem emulator on a serial port to allow external access via a serial cable
GenericMemoryMonitorTaskImplements a simple page-fault driven memory monitor task
InputDeviceSettingsAllows keyboard and mouse configuration to be adjusted at runtime
IrPowerServiceTaskThe IrPowerService as a server task
KeyClickEnables an audible clicking sound whenever keys are pressed
LowMemoryTaskResponds to low memory situations by closing applications
MediaServerControlTaskLauncher for the Media Server
MediaServicesTaskTask that manages services related to Media in Qtopia
PhonePowerManagerImplements phone specific power management functionality in Qtopia
QPhoneProfileProviderThe backend functionality for phone profiles
QtopiaNetworkServerManages all network interfaces
QtopiaServerApplicationAdditional QtopiaApplication functionality
QtopiaServerApplicationLauncherActs as a proxy for the Qtopia Server within the application launcher framework
QtopiaVpnManagerManagement functionality for virtual private network sessions regardless of their type
RingControlControls the system ring for incoming calls and messages
ScreenClickEnables an audible clicking sound whenever the stylus is used
SecurityMonitorTaskManages the lifetime of the SXE monitor process
ShutdownSplashScreenDisplays a static splash screen while the system is restarting
SimpleExeApplicationLauncherSupports launching regular QtopiaApplication executables
StabMonitorSupports monitoring of stab changes
StartupApplicationsLaunches applications preemptively at startup
StorageMonitorPeriodically checks filesystems for available space and prompts to start the cleanup wizard if low
SystemSuspendManages entering and leaving system suspend
TestMemoryMonitorInstrumented implementation of MemoryMonitor for testing
ThemeControlManages the registered theme views
TimeMonitorTaskRequired for the TimeMonitor service to be supported. This class is part of the Qtopia server and cannot be used by other Qtopia applications
VirtualKeyboardService to simulate keypresses on a device

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