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Qtopia Server Classes

The following classes have not been better categorized.

AlarmControlMaintains information about the daily alarm
AsteriskManagerMaintains information about the active Asterisk telephony service
CellBroadcastControlMonitors incoming cell broadcast messages
GPRSMonitorKeeps track of the state of GPRS accounts
IrPowerServiceThe Qtopia Infrared Power service
QSoftMenuBarProvider::MenuButtonEncapsulates the current information for a configured soft button
ObexServiceManagerResponsible for managing OBEX related services over Bluetooth and Infrared
PhoneServerRepresents the central dispatch server for phone requests
QAbstractCallPolicyManagerInterface for the management of calls across multiple call types
QAbstractCommDeviceManagerManages power state of a communications device
QAbstractMessageBoxAllows developers to replace the message box portion of the Qtopia server UI
QAbstractServerInterfaceAllows the Qtopia Server UI to be replaced
QDeviceIndicatorsProviderThe backend for the QDeviceIndicator API
QKeyboardLockConvenient way of blocking any keyboard input
QSoftMenuBarProviderThe backend for the QSoftMenuBar API
QTerminationHandlerProviderThe backend for the QTerminationHandler class
QtopiaServerApplication::QWSEventFilterInterface for filtering Qt Window System events
QtopiaFeaturesAllows applications to set and query the available Qtopia features
QtopiaInputEventsFunctions to simulate and access input events
QtopiaServerApplicationAdditional QtopiaApplication functionality
ServerContactModelAccess to a singleton instance of a QContactModel
StandardDeviceFeaturesContains methods to disable Qtopia's standard device feature handling
StandardDialogsContains methods to disable Qtopia's standard dialog popups
VoIPManagerMaintains information about the active VoIP telephony service
WindowManagementAllows you to monitor and control the application windows in the system

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