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Qt 3 Support Members for QUrl

The following class members are part of the Qt 3 support layer. They are provided to help you port old code to Qt 4. We advise against using them in new code.

Public Functions

Static Public Members

Protected Functions

Member Function Documentation

void QUrl::addPath ( const QString & p )

Use setPath() instead.

bool QUrl::cdUp ()

Use resolved("..") instead.

For example, if you have code like

 QUrl url("http://www.trolltech.com/Developer/");

you can rewrite it as

 QUrl url("http://www.trolltech.com/Developer/");
 url = url.resolved("..");

void QUrl::decode ( QString & url )   [static]

Use fromPercentEncoding() instead.

QString QUrl::dirPath () const

Use QFileInfo(path()).absolutePath() or QFileInfo(path()) instead.

void QUrl::encode ( QString & url )   [static]

Use toPercentEncoding() instead.

QString QUrl::fileName () const

Use QFileInfo(path()).fileName() instead.

See also setFileName().

bool QUrl::hasHost () const

Use !host().isEmpty() instead.

bool QUrl::hasPassword () const

Use !password().isEmpty() instead.

bool QUrl::hasPath () const

Use !path().isEmpty() instead.

bool QUrl::hasPort () const

Use port() != -1 instead.

bool QUrl::hasRef () const

Use !fragment().isEmpty() instead.

bool QUrl::hasUser () const

Use !userName().isEmpty() instead.

bool QUrl::isRelativeUrl ( const QString & url )   [static]

Use isRelative() instead.

QString QUrl::protocol () const

Use scheme() instead.

See also setProtocol().

QString QUrl::query () const

Use encodedQuery() instead.

See also setQuery().

QString QUrl::ref () const

Use fragment() instead.

See also setRef().

void QUrl::reset ()   [protected]

Use clear() instead.

void QUrl::setFileName ( const QString & txt )

Use setPath() instead.

See also fileName().

void QUrl::setProtocol ( const QString & s )

Use setScheme() instead.

See also protocol().

void QUrl::setQuery ( const QString & txt )

Use setEncodedQuery() instead.

See also query().

void QUrl::setRef ( const QString & txt )

Use setFragment() instead.

See also ref().

void QUrl::setUser ( const QString & s )

Use setUserName() instead.

See also user().

QString QUrl::user () const

Use userName() instead.

See also setUser().

QUrl::operator QString () const

Use toString() instead.

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