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QVPNFactory Class Reference

The QVPNFactory class creates QVPNClient instances. More...

    #include <QVPNFactory>

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Detailed Description

The QVPNFactory class creates QVPNClient instances.

The virtual private network factory provides access to QVPNClient instances. create() should be used when a new VPN connection is required and instance() should be used to obtain a reference to an already existing VPN connection.

In addition QVPNFactory provides functionality to lookup and resolve VPN identifier. vpnIDs() returns a list of all known virtual private network connections known to Qtopia and name() returns the human-readable name of a given connection.

QVPNFactory follows the factory pattern and creates QVPNClient instances. types() should be used to determine what types of VPN's are supported by a particular build of Qtopia.

See also QVPNClient.

Member Function Documentation

QVPNFactory::QVPNFactory ()

Constructs a factory for virtual private network objects.

QVPNClient * QVPNFactory::create ( QVPNClient::Type type, QObject * parent = 0 )

Requests a new virtual private network of type with the given parent. The returned VPN is a newly created and requires detailed configuration. If type is unknown this function returns a null pointer.

QVPNClient * QVPNFactory::instance ( uint vpnID, QObject * parent = 0 )

Instanciates a QVPNClient object for the virtual private network specified by vpnID with the given parent. If no VPN with vpnID exists this function returns a null pointer.

QString QVPNFactory::name ( uint vpnID )   [static]

Returns the user-visible name of the VPN specified by vpnID. The function returns an empty string if vpnID is not a valid id.

QSet<QVPNClient::Type> QVPNFactory::types ()   [static]

Returns a list of all possible/supported virtual private network types.

QSet<uint> QVPNFactory::vpnIDs ()   [static]

Returns a list of all known virtual private networks.

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