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Qtopia - 2.1.0 Release Notes

Qtopia - 2.1.0 Release Notes


The Qtopia 2.1 release includes the Qtopia PDA and Phone Editions, as well as the Qtopia Core subset edition.

The following new features have been added to Qtopia:

MMS Integration

The integration of MMS now allows Qtopia users to exchange multimedia communications between MMS enabled phones and other devices. By adding MMS support to the Qtopia messages client it is now possible for standard slideshow messages, including images, audio, and text content to be sent and received.

Photo messaging is just one of the examples of Qtopia MMS in action: Qtopia users can use their device's camera to take photos for immediate delivery to a mobile recipient.

Qtopia MMS uses SMIL technologies and standards and supports WAP. The WAP stack is not provided.

Other New Features

The following is a list of other new features that have been added to Qtopia:


Numerous other smaller improvements have been added to refine the usability and power of Qtopia including the following:

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