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Qtopia - 4.0.0-EAR Release Notes


The Qtopia 4.0.0 Early Access release provides a preview of the Qtopia Platform 4.0. The API is considered relatively stable, however, some changes will be made prior to the final release. Foreseen changes to the API are listed in these release notes. The Early Access Release is not indicative of the performance or quality of the final release.


  1. Addressbook:
  2. SpeedDial (settings program): now uses a unified interface for both touch-screen and keypad modes.
  3. QThumbnail: A new class QThumbnail has been added to the Qtopia library to replace and make public, the internal Image class in Qtopia 2.x. It allows generation of thumbnails of large images with added efficiency for JPEG images. That is, for JPEG images there is no need to load/decode/scale and entire image to produce a thumbnail.
  4. QSound:

    Previously once a Sound is played it will continue to play through after destruction. QSound however will stop playing at destruction. To ensure the whole sound is played make sure the life of the object is longer than the sound.

  5. The APIs of QDocumentSelector and QImageDocumentSelector (previously FileSelector and ImageSelector) have been updated to improve symmetry of the two classes.
  6. Content Database

    Two SQL tables - schema in contentlnk.sql* containing an authoritative list of current content . For removable media a temporary (in memory) table is created and is kept up to date with src/server/contentserver.*

  7. The qdl service has been renamed to QDL
  8. several of the Qtopia documention pages have been rewritten including:

Known Issues

  1. The linux-sharp-g++ configuration does not build at the moment.
  2. AddressBook: Contact editor - left and right keys do not change tabs, unless focus is on the tabs themselves.
  3. QImageDocumentSelector and QImageDocumentSelectorDialog:
  4. Media Player:

    These classes used by the Music, Videos and Voice Notes applications

  5. Qtopia PIM Library
  6. Contacts application
  7. Input methods
  8. Documentation
  9. ContextBar has become QSoftMenuBar
  10. ContextMenu has been eliminated and standard QMenus are used.
  11. QSoftMenuBar has functions for binding a QMenu to the menu key, for example:
        QMenu *menu = QSoftMenuBar::menuFor(widget);


        QMenu *menu = new QMenu();
        QSoftMenuBar::addMenuTo(widget, menu)

Known Future Modifications

  1. Some Qtopia 2 classes still remain in the Qtopia API. These will be removed before the Qtopia 4 final release. Only classes starting with 'Q' may be considered stable.
  2. The ImageCollection (imagecollection_p.h) class will change significantly as functionality is added to the new documents API.
  3. QWSSoundServer:
  4. The following tasks that were to be completed in phase 1 have been deferred until phase 2 or 3:
  5. The following tasks that were to be completed in phase 1 have been identified as requiring redesign and have been deferred until phase 3.
  6. Qtopia PIM Library
  7. Deprecation of AppLnk, DocLnk and the existing scanning algorithm
  8. New Qtopia document and file access paradigm:

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