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Qtopia - 4.2.2 Release Notes


The Qtopia 4.2.2 release is a maintenance release of Qtopia that is based on Qt 4.2 technology. This release provides a number of bug fixes and performance improvements, both general and Greenphone-specific.


  1. Bluetooth Bluetooth support is provided in this release only as a technology preview. When building Qtopia, Bluetooth is disabled by default, but may be enabled by specifying the -bluetooth configure switch.
  2. Clock The Clock application has been made consistent with other Qtopia applications by using a tabbed window to present the three different screens rather than using entries in the context menu to switch between the three screens.
  3. Greenphone The Greenphone now displays information about its progress during startup and shutdown.
  4. Signal Strength Indication The signal strength indicator can now be used to indicate the signal strength of any communications medium, not just GSM modem signal strength. This is done by writing appropriate values to the Qtopia Valuespace. Note that this change requires minor modifications to all custom themes that display signal strength as described in Porting Between Qtopia Versions.


  1. BUG 147448, 154004: eliminated several instances of unnecessary painting in Calendar application.
  2. BUG 149521: The performance of seeking within a video in Media Player has been improved.
  3. BUG 151985: The performance of volume adjustment in Media Player has been improved.

Bug Fixes

  1. Bluetooth
  2. Build System
  3. Calendar
  4. Call Management
  5. Call Options
  6. Camera
  7. Clock
  8. Contacts
  9. Content
  10. Dialer
  11. Greenphone
  12. Help Browser
  13. Input Methods
  14. Internet
  15. IrDA
  16. Media Player
  17. Messages
  18. Package Manager
  19. Server
  20. Server Widgets
  21. Themes

Known Issues

  1. Call Options:
  2. Media Player:
  3. Messages:
  4. Pictures:
  5. Rotation:
  6. Server:
  7. Server Widgets:
  8. Touchscreen:
  9. Words:

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