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Qtopia - 4.2.3 Release Notes


The Qtopia 4.2.3 release is a maintenance release of Qtopia that is based on Qt 4.2 technology. This release provides a number of bug fixes and documentation updates, both general and Greenphone-specific. This release also provides WiFi functionality for the Greenphone.


  1. Bluetooth Bluetooth support is provided in this release only as a technology preview. When building Qtopia, Bluetooth is disabled by default, but may be enabled by specifying the -bluetooth configure switch.
  2. WiFi

    The Internet settings application has been enhanced to provide support for configuration and operation of wireless LAN connections, including support for roaming between wireless access points.

  3. API Documentation

    The Qtopia API documentation has been extensively revised for this release. API documentation for most classes has been reviewed and improved/rewritten where necessary to provide an accurate description of current Qtopia functionality.

  4. System Integration Guide

    The Qtopia System Integration Guide has been substantially expanded to provide more detailed coverage of the steps required to integrate Qtopia onto a new hardware platform.

  5. Build System Documentation

    The Qtopia build system documentation has been substantially revised.

Bug Fixes

  1. Bluetooth
  2. Build System
  3. Call Management
  4. Call Options
  5. Content
  6. Greenphone
  7. Input Methods
  8. Media Player
  9. Profiles
  10. Phone Simulator
  11. Power Management
  12. Server
  13. User Interface

Known Issues

  1. Call Options:
  2. Media Player:
  3. Messages:
  4. Pictures:
  5. Server:
  6. Server Widgets:
  7. Touchscreen:
  8. Words:

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