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database.h Example File

 ** Copyright (C) 2006-2008 Trolltech ASA. All rights reserved.
 ** This file is part of the example classes of the Qt Toolkit.
 ** Licensees holding a valid Qt License Agreement may use this file in
 ** accordance with the rights, responsibilities and obligations
 ** contained therein.  Please consult your licensing agreement or
 ** contact sales@trolltech.com if any conditions of this licensing
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 ** This file is provided AS IS with NO WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, INCLUDING THE

 #ifndef DATABASE_H
 #define DATABASE_H

 #include <QMessageBox>
 #include <QSqlDatabase>
 #include <QSqlError>
 #include <QSqlQuery>

 static bool createConnection()
     QSqlDatabase db = QSqlDatabase::addDatabase("QSQLITE");
     if (!db.open()) {
         QMessageBox::critical(0, qApp->tr("Cannot open database"),
             qApp->tr("Unable to establish a database connection.\n"
                      "This example needs SQLite support. Please read "
                      "the Qt SQL driver documentation for information how "
                      "to build it.\n\n"
                      "Click Cancel to exit."), QMessageBox::Cancel);
         return false;

     QSqlQuery query;

     query.exec("create table artists (id int primary key, "
                                      "artist varchar(40), "
                                      "albumcount int)");

     query.exec("insert into artists values(0, '<all>', 0)");
     query.exec("insert into artists values(1, 'Ane Brun', 2)");
     query.exec("insert into artists values(2, 'Thomas Dybdahl', 3)");
     query.exec("insert into artists values(3, 'Kaizers Orchestra', 3)");

     query.exec("create table albums (albumid int primary key, "
                                      "title varchar(50), "
                                      "artistid int, "
                                      "year int)");

     query.exec("insert into albums values(1, 'Spending Time With Morgan', 1, "
     query.exec("insert into albums values(2, 'A Temporary Dive', 1, 2005)");
     query.exec("insert into albums values(3, '...The Great October Sound', 2, "
     query.exec("insert into albums values(4, 'Stray Dogs', 2, 2003)");
     query.exec("insert into albums values(5, "
         "'One day you`ll dance for me, New York City', 2, 2004)");
     query.exec("insert into albums values(6, 'Ompa Til Du D\xf8r', 3, 2001)");
     query.exec("insert into albums values(7, 'Evig Pint', 3, 2002)");
     query.exec("insert into albums values(8, 'Maestro', 3, 2005)");

     return true;


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