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Qtopia Style Guide: Naming

Application Naming

Whenever possible, application names should be based on established application names used in the current phone market. Names should be nouns rather than verbs (for example, Calculator rather than Calculate). Applications that show or edit specific types of data can be named simply by that data, as if the application was the data. For example Contacts and Tasks.

Note: An application's title should be the same as its launcher name.


Each word in a label should start with a capital letter, with the exception of words like of, and, or to (often referred to as stop words).

Once a name is used for a specific item it should be re-used in other applications. For example, if Contacts and Calendar both have a company information field they should use the same label Company.


If possible, avoid using abbreivations. Try using a shorter word with the same meaning, or consider using an icons instead. If you do need to use an abbreviation, the following guidelines shoud be used:

Note: Remember that abbreviations should be self explanatory: the user should be able to figure out the whole word from its abbreviation.


Acronyms follow the same set of rules as those found in the abbreviations section. Always check existing acronyms before creating a new one.

Using the "..." label

The following rules define the use of the ... in association with menu items.

Examples of when to use "..."

Use ... only when the menu is followed by another dialog that is a direct and integral continuation of the command.

Examples of when not to use "..."

Do not use "..." when the menu is followed by another dialog that is related to but not a continuation of the command.

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