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Cameras on Embedded Devices


This discussion is limited solely to integrating a camera device into the camera application on Qtopia.


In the Qtopia camera application, the Camera Device model has support for Video For Linux 1(V4L1) and 2(V4L2) camera device drivers. The Qtopia Greenphone and associated device profile provides a good example of what needs to be done for non-conforming drivers. See: Tutorial: Extending the Camera Device Model

To let the camera application know of the camera device add the following lines to custom.h which is located in the devices profile directory.

    #ifndef V4L_VIDEO_DEVICE
    #define V4L_VIDEO_DEVICE            "/dev/video"

Change the device string accordingly.

Building Options

If V4L2 is supported on the device, it is recommended to pass the -v4l2 flag to the configure script, eg:

    # $QTOPIA_DEPO_PATH/configure -platform desktop -v4l2

This allows one to indicate a preference for V4L2 drivers in Qtopia. Otherwise V4L1 drivers will be assumed.

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