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SysMessagesService Class Reference

Provides the Qtopia SystemMessages service. More...

    #include <SysMessagesService>

Inherits QtopiaAbstractService.

Public Functions

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Detailed Description

Provides the Qtopia SystemMessages service.

The SystemMessages service enables the sending of system related messages as both warning dialogs and as synthetic messages which will end up in the users inbox. Client applications can request the SystemMessages service to send a message with the following code:

    QtopiaServiceRequest req( "SystemMessages", "QString, QString" );
    req << subject;
    req << text;

Member Function Documentation

SysMessagesService::SysMessagesService ( QObject * parent )

Constructs the service as a child of parent

void SysMessagesService::showDialog ( const QString & title, const QString & text )   [slot]

Displays a dialog to the user with the specified title and text

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