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Theming - Known Elements

Qtopia interacts with the view using the element name and type. Each name/type combination is used to identify a Known Element. The following tables list the Known Elements supported by the user interface components:

Title Bar, Home Screen, Context Bar

Components: Title Bar, Home Screen, Context Bar
timetextCurrent time.
datetextCurrent date.
locationtextCell location.
captiontextCaption set by application, e.g. the application name.
roamingstatusSet to on when roaming.
messagestext, statusNew unread messages.
call_activestatusCall(s) are active.
signallevelSignal strength.
batterylevelBattery charge.
inputmethodrectPlace holder for input method indicator.
callstext, statusMissed calls.
alarmstatusAn alarm has been set.
lockstatusKey lock is active.
calldivertstatusA call diversion is active.
profiletextCurrent profile.
infoboxtext, imageDisplays various information to the user, e.g. Searching for Network Home screen only.
button0text, imageContext button 0
button1text, imageContext button 1
button2text, imageContext button 2
pinboxany typeContains a PIN entry keypad. The children of this element are expected to be interactive buttons similar to the dialer, that is, one, two ... hash. Home screen on touchscreen phone only.


Component: Dialer
dialernumberinputNumber input field.
zeroAny type - interactiveThe digit 0.
oneAny type - interactiveThe digit 1.
twoAny type - interactiveThe digit 2.
threeAny type - interactiveThe digit 3.
fourAny type - interactiveThe digit 4.
fiveAny type - interactiveThe digit 5.
sixAny type - interactiveThe digit 6.
sevenAny type - interactiveThe digit 7.
eightAny type - interactiveThe digit 8.
nineAny type - interactiveThe digit 9.
callhistoryAny type - interactiveDisplays the call history
messagesAny type - interactiveCreates a new message
selectcontactAny type - interactiveSelects a contact
starAny type - interactiveThe digit *.
hashAny type - interactiveThe digit #.
hangupAny type - interactive.

Call Screen

Component: Call Screen
callscreeninputList of current calls.
callscreennumberinputNumber field (for tones).
activelistitemItem to use for active calls.
incominglistitemItem to use for incoming calls.
outgoinglistitemItem to use for outgoing calls.
onholdlistitemItem to use for calls on hold.
droppedlistitemItem to use for dropped/ended calls.
selectedlistitemItem to use for selected calls.
conferencestatusindicates if this call is part of a multi-party call.
identifiertextContact name.
statustextCall status, e.g. on hold, call duration.
contactimageContact photo.

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