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ThemeListItem Class Reference

The ThemeListItem class represents a graphical list in a themed view. More...

    #include <ThemeListItem>

Inherits ThemeWidgetItem.

Public Functions

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Detailed Description

The ThemeListItem class represents a graphical list in a themed view.

The ThemeListItem class implements the list element from the theme XML.

As an extension of ThemeWidgetItem, ThemeListItem has the same functionality but only works with a QListView derived widget, and extra functionality needed to work with a ThemeListModel.

Normally you do not want to call this item's functions directly, but rather specify the relevant attributes and data for this item in the themed view XML, and just pass it as a parameter when constructing a ThemeListModel. The model installs itself automatically using ThemeListItem::setModel().

See also ThemeListModel and list element.

Member Function Documentation

ThemeListItem::ThemeListItem ( ThemeItem * parent, ThemedView * view, const ThemeAttributes & atts )

Constructs a ThemeListItem object. parent, view and atts are passed to the base class constructor.

ThemeListItem::~ThemeListItem ()   [virtual]

Destroys the ThemeListItem object.

QListView * ThemeListItem::listView () const

Returns the QListView for this item. Equivalent to qobject_cast<QListView*>(widget())

ThemeListModel * ThemeListItem::model () const

Returns the ThemeListModel object associated with this ThemeListItem.

See also setModel().

void ThemeListItem::setModel ( ThemeListModel * model )

Sets model to be the ThemeListModel associated with this ThemeListItem. If this item currently has a QListView widget set, this model is installed immediately on the view using QListView::setModel(). If a call is made to QWidget::setWidget() in the future, this model will be installed in the same way.

See also model().

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