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ThemePageItem Class Reference

The ThemePageItem class is the root item in a ThemedView. More...

    #include <ThemePageItem>

Inherits ThemeItem.

Public Functions

Additional Inherited Members

Detailed Description

The ThemePageItem class is the root item in a ThemedView.

The ThemePageItem class implements the page element from the theme XML.

The ThemePageItem contains all other items in the theme item tree. It is responsible for loading and displaying a background image.

Normally you do not want to call this item's functions directly, but rather specify the relevant attributes and data for this item in the themed view XML.

See also page element.

Member Function Documentation

ThemePageItem::ThemePageItem ( ThemedView * view, const ThemeAttributes & atts )

Constructs a ThemePageItem. view and atts are passed to the base class constructor.

ThemePageItem::~ThemePageItem ()   [virtual]

Destroys the ThemePageItem.

const QString ThemePageItem::base () const

Returns the base directory of for the ThemedView. This is the theme-specific directory where theme resources such as images are located.

QSize ThemePageItem::sizeHint () const

Returns a suggested size for the page. This is directly returned by ThemedView::sizeHint().

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