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ThemeTemplateItem Class Reference

The ThemeTemplateItem class represents a theme template in a ThemedView. More...

    #include <ThemeTemplateItem>

Inherits ThemeItem.

Inherited by ThemeTemplateInstanceItem.

Public Functions

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Detailed Description

The ThemeTemplateItem class represents a theme template in a ThemedView.

The ThemeTemplateItem class implements the template element from the theme XML.

A theme template item records the type, structure and attributes of its child theme items. Using this information, it can then create instances of these theme items dynamically through createInstance(). Theme templates are used to describe theme visuals, without creating any specific instance of that visual. Therefore, instances of the visual descriptions can be created as necessary, and drawn to custom locations. ThemeListModel makes use of templates to theme items in a QListView.

See also ThemeListModel and template element.

Member Function Documentation

ThemeTemplateItem::ThemeTemplateItem ( ThemeItem * parent, ThemedView * view, const ThemeAttributes & atts )

Constructs a ThemeTemplateItem. parent, view and atts are passed to the base class constructor.

ThemeTemplateItem::~ThemeTemplateItem ()   [virtual]

Destroys the ThemeTemplateItem.

ThemeTemplateInstanceItem * ThemeTemplateItem::createInstance ( const QString & uid )

Creates a new ThemeTemplateInstanceItem from this ThemeTemplateItem with the given uid. The template instance item is parented to the parent of this template item.

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