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ThemeWidgetItem Class Reference

The ThemeWidgetItem class represents a widget in a ThemedView. More...

    #include <ThemeWidgetItem>

Inherits ThemeGraphicItem.

Inherited by ThemeListItem.

Public Functions

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Detailed Description

The ThemeWidgetItem class represents a widget in a ThemedView.

The ThemeWidgetItem class implements the widget element from the theme XML.

The item can be assigned a widget by overriding ThemedView::newWidget() for the parent ThemedView for this item, or be calling setWidget() directly. ThemedView::newWidget() is called by this item once it has been completed constructed from the themed view XML.

Normally you do not want to call this item's functions directly, but rather specify the relevant attributes and data for this item in the themed view XML, or overload ThemedView::newWidget to provide a widget that way.

See also widget element.

Member Function Documentation

ThemeWidgetItem::ThemeWidgetItem ( ThemeItem * parent, ThemedView * view, const ThemeAttributes & atts )

Constructs a ThemeWidgetItem. parent, view and atts are passed to the base class constructor.

ThemeWidgetItem::~ThemeWidgetItem ()   [virtual]

Destroys this ThemeWidgetItem. If a widget was set, and autoDelete() is true, the widget is deleted.

void ThemeWidgetItem::setAutoDelete ( bool autodelete )

Sets the auto-delete flag for this widget item. If autodelete is true (the default), subsequent calls to setWidget() will cause any existing widget to be deleted. If you don't want ThemeWidgetItem to take memory ownership of the widgets you set on it, then call setAutoDelete(false) to disable this behaviour.

void ThemeWidgetItem::setWidget ( QWidget * widget )   [virtual]

Sets the widget widget on this item.

See also widget().

QWidget * ThemeWidgetItem::widget () const

Returns the widget for this item.

See also setWidget().

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