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Qtopia is supplied with several command line and graphical tools to ease and speed the development process. Each tool is listed here with a link to its documentation.

DesignerCreate forms visually.
AssistantQuickly find the help you need.
Linguist, lupdate, lreleaseTranslate applications to reach international markets.
qmakeCreate makefiles from simple platform-independent project files (.pro files).
QVFbRun and test embedded applications on the desktop.
Help Browser Pre-processorAn extension to Help Browser that enables the maintenance of a single source of html help files from which device-specific help can be extracted.
qdawggenGenerate QDawg files from plain test word lists.
vsexplorerA tool that can be used to inspect the contents of the Qtopia Value Space on a target device.
qcopTool for accessing the Qtopia IPC Layer from the command-line.
phonesimTool for testing of telephony applications without the need for access to an actual modem.
phonebounceTool for converting a handset into a modem for access from an instance of Qtopia running on a desktop machine.
svgtopictureTool for converting SVG images to QPicture format images.
pngscaleTool for scaling images and writing the result as PNG images.

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